Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday aka pancake day in Scarborough

Today is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake day here in Scarborough. Unlike most people, the people of Scarborough have a tradition that established in 1903, of a mass long-rope skipping event on Shrove Tuesday. It is suggested that its origins lie in the local fishermen sorting their ropes and nets at this time of year,  giving those not fit for fishing to children. 
In scarborough the traffic is stopped and the road is closed along the foreshore to allow for the skipping, schools close early or allow children the day off to go and take part in the festivities. 
We went down to the beach today and it was so cold, it even started to snow. We had a walk round and the kids had fun skipping, although Lorenzo who is 4 was having issues with his skipping rope! Valentino did slightly better, and little Alex watched from her pram. We called it a day after about an hour or so as it was so cold and went home to have our pancakes! 
Here's some pics of the skipping and our yummy pancakes. Hope you all had your pancakes :)