Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ikea, its all about the random purchase....

So it's silly o'clock in the morning and daddy b has gone to work but I'm now wide awake, so thought I'd come on here and share a picture of our little helper.
We went to ikea the other day not for anything in particular, I actually wanted to look at the fabrics they had to finish off Alex's blanket I'm making her.
We ended up leaving with a blue bag of randomness that had amongst other things some more glass tumblers, as we had slowly smashed a few since our last visit! A shelf and some brackets. Some new chopping boards. A photo frame. Some wrapping paper. Odd looking clips and storage holders for the boys room. Then what we didnt plan on leaving with were two huge boxes containing a wall unit/storage thingy mabob.
I love storage I really do only problem being is I can always manage to fill it and wonder how on earth I coped prior to having it. I think it's like the handbag theory I have...... The bigger the bag the more stuff I manage to stuff into it???
Anyway as daddy built the ikea flat pack me and Alex took pictures. Happy DIY people....
Mel x

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