Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tommee tippee's big reveal -revealed

So all became clear yesterday as I was invited to a very special launch for Tommee Tippee.
I am thrilled to announce Tommee Tippee's new product "Perfect Prep".
To me on first glance at the perfect prep, this is like the ultimate teas maid or should I say milk maid for any zombiefied parent at 4 am juggling a screaming hungry baby baby a kettle and a box of formula. It is specially designed to make preparing bottle easier, quicker and more accurate as it makes a fresh bottle at just the right temperature in less than two minutes! Yes you read it right 2 minutes!!
The benefits of the Perfect Prep,
It filters the water
It delivers a small "hot shot" of water to kill any bacteria in the feed and ensures the formula dissolves quickly and easily
It dispenses the correct amount of water at body temperature to make up the feed.

Perfect prep can be used with a rage of bottles both wide and narrow neck the unit can be adjusted for different height bottles. The filter can be purchased for £8.99 you wouldn't need to replace this till after three months if you used it for six large bottles a day.

I love the fact that perfect prep could be stored most places in your kitchen or if like me you would prefer to have it in your bedroom, meaning that your not walking around your house disturbing people (other children)!

It is available from the first week in May 2013 at £99.99 from Amazon & Babies'r'Us but is available to pre order at this weekends baby show for a bargain price of £66.66.

Here is the Discount Code
This code offers you the same 33% off the Perfect Prep Machine as at The Baby Show.
for you if you Pre Order from
Valid until before 03/03/13

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