Friday, 31 May 2013

Mossman Trunks

Quite often I spend time on social sites reading blogs checking out links, products, ideas and what not.  I was busy tweeting away the other day when I discovered Mossman Trunks, British made since 1938. Yes I know I've seen trunks before and believe me there are numerous sites and companies that you can get them from but what really caught my eye was something different something I instantly thought to myself ohhhh.....  It was the Mossman Harris Tweed trunk!

I'm in love...... With a tweed trunk? Pretty random hey?!? I instantly followed mossman on twitter and logged in to Pinterest to pin one in the product i want board! Then I started thinking what do I need a trunk for? What could I put in it?.... Naughty children?
I started to search trunks and found they could make a lovely piece of every day furniture yet with the storage, as a busy mum and a house of 5 I adore storage anything I can hid away kids toys, chargers for electrical gadgets all the random stuff I need to be put out of sight!
I love the bright colours of the traditional style Mossman Trunks they would make great toy boxes for the children that would defiantly last till they packed there trunks and headed off to University.

So enough about my desire to purchase an beautiful Mossman Harris tweed trunk! Here's some information 
Mossman Trunks - Established in 1938 – Main supplier to Uk boarding schools - entering the fashion industry with our new Harris Tweed Trunks - No:1 choice for Vintage Luggage & Traditional style storage trunks - featured in LOOK Magazine in December - Made in Great Britain using the same traditional methods of construction - 17 vibrant colours available – Available Online and in store.
You can visit Mossman at....
Follow them on Twitter @MossmanTrunks & @TweedLuggage 
Follow them on Facebook
Or sign up to there Blog at to keep up to date with the latest news and competitions.

*Disclaimer I have not been paid by Mossman trunks nor did i receive any product, the views on this site are purely my own and are not bias towards the company, i cannot therefore comment on the quality first hand*

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Win A Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser


 This is your chance to win A Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser courtesy of TheBabyWebsite and Milton, I have a purple one here to give away all you have to do is follow the instructions below on the Rafflecopter. If you aren't already familiar to the Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser check out my review of it here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 27 May 2013

Race for life 2013

I've done race for life every year since 2006 its a charity that I've always been close to with having my grandmother who had breast cancer who is now in remission 10+ years. My mother in law sadly lost her battle this March aged just 59.
This is the first year that I will be racing with my daughter, granted she's only just turned one but even so she's registered and has her own race number! Currently she's just taking odd steps around the furniture so im hoping that she's going to be able to take a couple of steps come the 17th July.
our target is £100 and we currently have raised £23 Im hoping to get more and to help all those who are suffering or may need treatment in the future.
Here's the link to our page, please give whatever you can :)
Thanks for reading Mel and Alex xxxx

A Morning at the beach!

Today has been a beautiful day so me and the kids packed up and went to the beach!
Hubby had come in from nights at 7am and seen as though it was a glorious day we decided to get out of the house and give Will some peace and quiet to catch up on his sleep.
We live in Scarborough and to be honest we often take the beach for granted, we tend to travel out for the day and totally forget about what we have on our very doorstep.
Today we went to Cayton Bay, Its only about a mile from out house but its a very beautiful idyllic beach, no amusements, donkeys and the busyness of the south bay in Scarborough.
It was also Alexandra's first real play on the beach and she loved it! Of course no baby visits the beach without trying to eat it. so here's some pic's of us today, hope u all got out in the sun and enjoyed it as we don't know how long its going to last! (forecast rain here tomorrow!) 
Alex in her CuddleDry poncho

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Maxi Cosi Mila (unboxing and my thoughts)

As a self confessed pram addict I opted to buy Alexandra a stroller. We were using her bugaboo Cameleon, don't get me wrong I love it I also had one for my second son its a gorgeous big pram with a 2 piece fold.
I wanted to go smaller and nippier!
We decided to go for the Maxi Cosi Mila in Dahila Pink Suitable from birth to 15kg
So here it is Alex is as excited as me by the looks of things...
We opened the box and I must admit I love the smell of new prams its kind of like a new car smell, the plastic of the rain cover etc.... am I weird? (don't answer that) So this is what's in the box.....

A foot muff, rain cover, front and rear wheels, car seat adapters and of course that all important instructions! The wheels were extremely simple to click in, no man required me and Alex managed it all on our own! (team work)

TaDa!!! See we did it!

So some info on this little beauty....

Practical little buggy can be used from birth with a Maxi-Cosi car seat.
Compact and lightweight see this freestanding fold...... It has an automatic lock system so no fiddling with clips to secure the fold.
Reclines to lie-flat position for younger babies

Large sun canopy, rain cover and easy to access large shopping basket, its easy to steer, has swivel wheels can be locked for a smooth drive or over bumpy surfaces.
Here's my little lady with that rain cover attached and its not an awkward to put on :)
So far we've only used the Maxi Cosi Mila a handful of times but I must say I really love it, being a tall mummy 5ft 10" I found the handle bars to be at a good height, the manoeuvrability is great and I love the coloured chassis. I haven't spotted anyone else with the same pram which is always a bonus. The fold is smaller than other umbrella strollers I've had as the front wheels slide back into the chassis... pretty nifty I thought. Alexandra seems really comfortable in it and the foot muff is lovely and warm.
The Mila is available in a range of colours with different coloured chassis. head over to Maxi Cosi to have a peep. 
*Please note I was not paid by Maxi Cosi for this review the Mila and neither did I receive this product from them, this view is entirely my own*

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Help my daughter is constipated!

So since about six months old, Alex (now 12 months) has slowly been having trouble going to the toilet for a number 2... Yes the fine art of Pooping is somewhat a problem!
She can and does hold it for we'll over a week, be in such pain screaming, her poor little face would go bright red, tears in her eyes i know she's in agony and i could do nothing.
I thought at first maybe she's got a bit of a bug or is teething? (My sons were loose when teething) but hey every baby is different so you never know.
I made an appointment to see my GP, as well as keeping a food diary as I wanted to be sure she was getting a good mix of fruit, veg, liquids and fibre. Everything seemed fine with her food intake, the GP was happy but said that it just sounds like Alex is suffering from chronic constipation, so to start to regulate her she's been given Lactulose, twice a day as well as a healthy diet.
This was working well at first but now were a few weeks in it has started to slow down and were getting back to having a bunged up baby. 
People have suggested milk can be a cause as well as bananas, having spoke to parents with children in a similar situation they suggested that I go back to my GP try and push for allergy testing and try to get Movicol for her. I don't really want my daughter being on medication of any kind for any length of time, to be honest it scares me and I'd rather try a more natural approach to her little problem.
Baby massage has been suggested and I've already started to give it a go. some lovely people at MamaBabyBliss were on hand on twitter to advise me and tweet out to their followers and I've had some wonderful feedback and suggestions. 
So I'm now waiting for my next doctors appointment and our MamaBabyBliss hugs massage oil to arrive and I can truly get stuck in to baby massage.... although wish me luck with a wiggly one year old! 
Any advice would be gratefully received :) 
Ill let you know how we get on.
Mel x

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