Monday, 27 May 2013

A Morning at the beach!

Today has been a beautiful day so me and the kids packed up and went to the beach!
Hubby had come in from nights at 7am and seen as though it was a glorious day we decided to get out of the house and give Will some peace and quiet to catch up on his sleep.
We live in Scarborough and to be honest we often take the beach for granted, we tend to travel out for the day and totally forget about what we have on our very doorstep.
Today we went to Cayton Bay, Its only about a mile from out house but its a very beautiful idyllic beach, no amusements, donkeys and the busyness of the south bay in Scarborough.
It was also Alexandra's first real play on the beach and she loved it! Of course no baby visits the beach without trying to eat it. so here's some pic's of us today, hope u all got out in the sun and enjoyed it as we don't know how long its going to last! (forecast rain here tomorrow!) 
Alex in her CuddleDry poncho

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