Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Help my daughter is constipated!

So since about six months old, Alex (now 12 months) has slowly been having trouble going to the toilet for a number 2... Yes the fine art of Pooping is somewhat a problem!
She can and does hold it for we'll over a week, be in such pain screaming, her poor little face would go bright red, tears in her eyes i know she's in agony and i could do nothing.
I thought at first maybe she's got a bit of a bug or is teething? (My sons were loose when teething) but hey every baby is different so you never know.
I made an appointment to see my GP, as well as keeping a food diary as I wanted to be sure she was getting a good mix of fruit, veg, liquids and fibre. Everything seemed fine with her food intake, the GP was happy but said that it just sounds like Alex is suffering from chronic constipation, so to start to regulate her she's been given Lactulose, twice a day as well as a healthy diet.
This was working well at first but now were a few weeks in it has started to slow down and were getting back to having a bunged up baby. 
People have suggested milk can be a cause as well as bananas, having spoke to parents with children in a similar situation they suggested that I go back to my GP try and push for allergy testing and try to get Movicol for her. I don't really want my daughter being on medication of any kind for any length of time, to be honest it scares me and I'd rather try a more natural approach to her little problem.
Baby massage has been suggested and I've already started to give it a go. some lovely people at MamaBabyBliss were on hand on twitter to advise me and tweet out to their followers and I've had some wonderful feedback and suggestions. 
So I'm now waiting for my next doctors appointment and our MamaBabyBliss hugs massage oil to arrive and I can truly get stuck in to baby massage.... although wish me luck with a wiggly one year old! 
Any advice would be gratefully received :) 
Ill let you know how we get on.
Mel x

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  1. prunes an apricots just a few every day maybe with breakfast or prune juice, i have found this works wonders with all the babies and small people :) also baby massage is really good on the tummy area after a nice bath