Thursday, 27 June 2013

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

Milton have been kind enough to send me some products to use and review,  I love Milton as a brand, its a brand i trust and has been around since 1916 it had been used in both hospitals and homes for over 60 years.
I was really excited to try the new solo travel steriliser, Alex is only having around three bottles a day now, so i have now packed up our great big chunky steam steriliser to use the New Milton Solo.
Here's what came :)
First impressions on the Solo are that its small and appears to be simple to use. It is small and light weight perfect for travel and holidays.
Just three parts the base/jug unit that you can fill if using it as a cold water steriliser (this is what I've been using most) The lid and the submerger (that is attached to the lid)
All the parts and instructions

The solo can also be used as a microwave steriliser, you just add 20ml of cold water into the base, add the items to be sterilised, push down the safety vent and microwave from 2 minutes. If the Solo is left unopened after microwaving and the safety vent is closed, the bottle will remain sterile for up to 24 hours.

Here's how I've been using the Solo as a cold water Steriliser.
Cold Water Sterilising
It is so simple you just fill the Solo with 1.25 litres (to the line on the base) of cold water and add either 1/4 Milton Sterilising Tablet, or 1/4 cap of Milton Sterilising Fluid.
Add the bottle, teat and cap (I add soothers as well) and after just 15 minutes they are ready to use straight away with no need to rinse.
you can keep the water for up to 24 hours and the unit is completely water tight! I did fill it and give it a good shake :) (Just make sure the pop safety vent is down)
I cant think of anything negative to say about the Solo it is perfect for what we need now. I just clean and rise Alex's bottles after shes used them and pop them in. 15 minutes later they are ready, it couldn't be simpler. Although we do have some big 10oz bottles and they are slightly big for the Solo, in cold water mode but they do fit in Microwave mode with the submurger removed.
The Rrp for the Milton Solo is £10.99 available from Mothercare, Kiddicare.
If you want to find more information on the Milton brand head over to

I have not been paid for this post all views and opinions and pictures are my own, i was sent the Solo from Milton for an honest independent review. Follow on Bloglovin

Tinos Sports day 2013

So yesterday we took to the school playing field to watch Valentino take part in sports day, last year due to the horrific weather it didn't go ahead, it was planned...canceled. Planned again then ... canceled due to rain.
This year the rain held off and we all enjoyed a morning of watching Valentino run, jump, hop and bounce. 
This i think is my favorite picture i took, i love the fact hes off the ground. 

Here's a little montage of him taking part, his team Blue/Lighthouse keepers won over all.

Well done Valentino and all the other Lighthouse Keepers you did fantastic!
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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Half way to Christmas... Eek!

Today is the 25th of June so were technically half way to Christmas!
Can you believe it?
This year I have planned to be super organised so I can hopefully sit back and watch others run around like headless turkeys getting last minute gifts. I have already made a huge start on buying the Minis pressies so I am quietly confident that I will be all done and dusted by the end of summer. 
Last year Alexandra was only 7 months old so I am really looking forward to spreading the magic of Christmas for her and the boys.
Valentino is nearly 8 and I suspect he is starting to having doubts about authenticity of the big man... And before you ask yes Santa is real!

Last year he sent us a special friend, on the 1st of December a box arrived on our door step, we brought it inside and opened it, we had been left a book and an Elf! We named the elf Mack and he's our very own elf on a shelf!

Now he's not here for a holiday in fact he has an extremely important job to do..... You could think of him as a spy..... Santa's spy, sent from the North Pole. On the 1st of December he comes into our house, we leave him in his box... During the night he fly's back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa, he tells him what we have been doing, good or bad. We can also tell him what we would like for Christmas.
When he returns he finds a spot to sit in the house, this often changes, he can also get up to mischief! There are a few rules about adopting an elf, the main one is you can't ever ever touch him. Do this and he may loose his magic powers to fly so he won't be able to fly back to Santa on an evening. 
Mack hiding on our tree
Last year Mack played a naughty trick on the boys whilst we were all sound asleep, he went into our bathroom and raided my make up bag!!! (I wasn't happy) he drew on the tiles in the bathroom and also drew a mustache on Valentino and Lorenzo as they slept. The next morning when they woke up a tile in the bathroom read "look in the mirror" so the boys did to discover what he had done to them in the night!
I wasn't happy as it was really hard to get off and Valentino nearly had to go to school with a mustache drawn on his face!  

Look what Mack did!!!
Lorenzo & Valentino after Macks attack!
So are you getting organised for Christmas or have you not even given it a thought? 
I can't wait till the 1st of December I will have to let you know how we get on this year with Mack, You follow our journey with our very own Elf on a shelf.
Mack swinging from our living room light!
Mel x
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Friday, 21 June 2013

1stFone For Kids

Since we received Valentino's 1stFone we have had lots of interest about what it actually does and how it works etc. We ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday, very quick indeed.

I've decided to write a post to explain this but i will also be writing another in a couple of weeks to let you know how we... well Valentino got to grips with his 1stFone.

Now your probably sat reading this thinking the same question as many others

"why does a child need a mobile phone? " 

This is a question i have answered a few times already so here are my reasons..
Don't get me wrong he doesn't NEED one, I mean his head is going to explode or anything terrible like that. He is now 7 years old and has started playing out with his friend on an evening. To me this is piece of mind as i know i can call him whenever to talk to him or get him to come home because his tea is ready.
He is a Beaver Scout so often goes on trips and camps he can contact us if he needs to.
His Father and i are divorced and he goes and stays with his dad, now when hes at his dads i don't have to call his father any more to talk to him, like wise Tino doesn't have to ask to call mummy.

I'm sure you all have a thought about this and i would love to hear your reasons / arguments either for or against. Please comment below i would love to hear from you.

So what actually is 1stFone and what does it do?
In a nutshell its a mobile phone aimed at children, added piece of mind for parents. Now they cant call just anyone, the phone is pre-programmed and can store for 2-12 names. We decided to have 4 names on Tinos phone, Mummy, Daddy, William and Katie.
Although he does have a mobile number so other family and friends can contact him. There is no text or internet so no unexpected data or text bills, its just a simple hassle free mobile.
The 1stFone is completely personable with a wide range of colours and designs, Tino wanted green splat design (green is his favorite colour!)
Its small and light weight, about the size of a credit card and really light about 40 grams, it comes with a lanyard so he can wear it round his neck.
It seems to be very simple and straight forward to use..... We will report back in a couple of weeks, with an update.

Information on prices...
A personalised 1stFone handset is available from £55.
Choose from Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly price plans.
You can also pay for 6 or 12 months of airtime up front at a discounted price.
Go to for more information on prices and designs also follow them on  Twitter g+ Facebook Or alternatively contact 1stFone directly on or call 0845 459 6699 Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

0800 669 6699

We have been provided this phone to use and review, i have not received any payment and all views, opinions and pictures are my own and not of 1stFone's

0800 669 6699

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

"Whats for dinner tonight?"

This is a question I hear often, well this evening I planned of having a roast chicken dinner, I had applied to try out the new Schwartz 2in1 range and as if by magic they landed on my doorstep. 
I had already got a chicken in so I was ready to get cooking. 

We used the Schwartz 2in1 Garlic & Thyme Roast Chicken and Crispy Roast Potatoes.

Eager to get started i rounded up all the ingredients and followed the instructions on the packet

1. Pre-heat oven to 190°C, 375°F, Gas Mark 5.
2. Place the chicken on a roasting tray and score the breasts and legs.

3. Mix the oil and Garlic & Thyme Roast Chicken Seasoning together and brush over the chicken. Cover with foil and place into the oven.

4. After 35 mins add the oil for the potatoes to a separate roasting tray, place in the oven to pre-heat for around 10 mins. Meanwhile, cut potatoes into 5cm (2”) chunks, and par-boil for 8 mins.  Drain, return to pan and sprinkle with the Crispy Roast Potato Seasoning.

5. Carefully remove pre-heated roasting tray from the oven.  Place potatoes onto it, gently shake to coat in the oil and return to the oven.  Remove the foil from the chicken and cook both for a further 45 mins, until potatoes are crispy, chicken is cooked through and the juices run clear.  

I found the instructions really clear and easy to follow and i must admit it smelt delicious!
The Schwartz 2in1 Range is a perfect accompaniment to meal times and a great way to try new dishes or transform a good old family favorite.

TaDa...... this was the end result....
Empty plates all round this evening and everyone loved it. We cant wait to try more of the 2in1 range so simple yet so tasty. 
If you would love to get your hands on a free pack to try it for yourself head over to

“This post is an entry for BritMums ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ sponsored by Schwartz. 

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Chill Factore

Saturday 15th June. Me Him and The Mini's (-Alex) headed down the road to Chill Factore in Manchester to try out the launch of the new children's snow play area. Kids of all ages, even us bigger kids love to play in snow so what better than doing that in June?
They have a specially designed snow play area with deeper snow, perfect for snowball fights!
The main event is a new snow carousel here's Lorenzo trying it out.
He enjoyed spinning around on the carousel as you can see he looks pretty relaxed! you could say he was "Chillin'"
There is also a mini sledging track, he loved that as well... Although on this picture he came off his sledge.
The snow play carousel is age restricted for children aged 2-8 years old and is priced at £6.
It runs a selected times so it is advisable to check and book online to avoid disappointment.

Whilst Lorenzo was happy playing in the snow play area Valentino and Will were busy on the Tubing lanes
Here is the tubing lanes, they have been revamped and now include mini-moguls perfect for our mini adrenaline junkies!
 On the left hand side of this picture there is a conveyor belt so no hefty climb to the top again.
Tubing is available anytime midweek for just £10 a session.

Next we all had a go at some good old fashioned sledging, some of the pictures are a little blurry due to us going super-fast and me not putting my camera on sports mode (Duh!)
Tino having fun

Mummy & Lorenzo

Tino & Enzo

Tino & Enzo

We all had a fantastic day out and will be back soon, one mummy tip..... I wish i had brought some spare socks for Lorenzo as he had so much fun he managed to get snow in his boots. :)
If your interested in visiting Chill Factore have a look at the website for Carousel booking and any other events that may be on. Chill Factore

Thank you for a fantastic day out, 
Mel, Him and the Mini's 

A little about Chill Factore..... After two years in the making, Chill Factore launched in November 2007 bringing the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope (180 metres) to the North West.
Since opening the doors Chill Factore has welcomed over 3 million visitors and is regarded as a leading UK visitor attraction.  Well, we do offer awesome activities!
Located less than 4 miles away from Manchester city centre, adjacent to The Trafford Centre; one of, if not the most popular shopping centres in Britain, Chill Factore is an easily accessible, fun and popular leisure destination for absolutely everyone.
From Ski and Snowboard Lessons for all levels, ages and ability, to magical snow activities, including the Luge ice slide, Tubing, snowplay and a 12ft climbing wall, Chill Factore has everything for a great day out.  And it doesn’t stop there! As a real destination of choice Chill Factore offers a wealth of mouth-watering bars, cafes and restaurants and some of the UK’s leading outdoor clothing shops offering big brand names, all along our authentic Alpine Street. There truly is something for everyone.

Chill factore Twitter        Chill Factore Facebook

I was not paid by chill factore for my review. We were invited for the day in exchange for an honest review. All photographs and videos are my own. 
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Fathers Day 16-06-2013

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddy's out there!
Will was at work so me and Alex made him this, hand and foot prints on canvas

 We also put together a box of treats that we knew he would love...
Popcorn, Cider, Chocolate Beer (not sure what that will be like?) Haribo, Pepsi Max, Razor Blades (Practical pressie there!)  More Choccies and a new G-Shock watch.
Thank you for all you do Will, your the best Daddy and step-dad to Tino and Lorenzo :)
We love you lots and appreciate all you do for us xxxx

Mel x

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its ......

Cosatto's New AW13 Range.

Cosatto has undoubtedly got to be one of the brightest, colourful and quirky baby brands around town. As the slogan says they are defiantly "saving the world from boring baby stuff!"

We were invite to Cosattos Head Quarters in Bolton, where down a quiet dull looking street there is a hidden a surprise, behind closed doors in what appeared to be an old mill. We were led up to what is the staff room, it was a beautiful, an explosion of colour, wow i felt like a child again there was so much to see and look at...

We mingled, chatted had a glass of bubbly and nibbles, then i was brave enough to take the slide down into the show room... yes you read correct a SLIDE!!!! It was really fun and surprising very fast! I think i actually let out a squeal....

.......Boom i landed in the showroom. This looked like a dream, colours everywhere, lots of bright shiny prams and car seats. The floor is artificial grass, Cosatto's attention to detail was fantastic. Displays of white pallets, eye catching POS, deckchairs and picnic benches gave us a sense of fun and adventure.

So enough about that you want to know about the new stuff don't you??

Ok, well ill start with this...... Introducing the New Cosatto YO!

Perfect for your little superhero! This special edition comes with a Zap "it" bag, foot muff that unzips to also be a pram liner, the chassis is a eye catching red and with all Cosatto prams it comes with a rain cover. Unfortunately the superhero cape is not included :)

WOW!!! What caught my eye next was this Story / cot bed in My Robot and Babushka
A beautiful addition to Cossato's furniture range. A cot bed that adapts to become a story bed in an amazing high shine gloss. This defiantly is a serious colour injection and the Robot and Babushka dolls give it a retro feel with a modern twist.
They come with both the cot top changer and the under cot draws. This cot is a fantastic piece and it grows with your child... (i really love this story cot bed!)

Introducing Ooba coastto's new 3 in 1 travel system.......
OOBA in Marizpan

From dot to diddy, Ooba's has a car seat to pram feature with a duo directional pushchair. Sounds good hey? Well it certainly is Ooba has an adjustable handle height for us taller or shorter parents, multi recline seat unit for our sleepy or nosy children. It has a large shopping basket, raincovers for the carrycot and chair, comes with a changing bag and luxury cosy toes. Compact fold, easy to carry!
OOBA in Duck Egg
Hold carseat in Marizpan
I had an awesome day with Cossato and would like to thank them for their hospitality, they were fantasic hosts and they looked after us all. If you would like to see more pictures of the day head on over to my g+ i'm also adding pictures to my Pinterest so go get pinning!!!
Share the love, Spread the word!
Mel x

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