Friday, 21 June 2013

1stFone For Kids

Since we received Valentino's 1stFone we have had lots of interest about what it actually does and how it works etc. We ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday, very quick indeed.

I've decided to write a post to explain this but i will also be writing another in a couple of weeks to let you know how we... well Valentino got to grips with his 1stFone.

Now your probably sat reading this thinking the same question as many others

"why does a child need a mobile phone? " 

This is a question i have answered a few times already so here are my reasons..
Don't get me wrong he doesn't NEED one, I mean his head is going to explode or anything terrible like that. He is now 7 years old and has started playing out with his friend on an evening. To me this is piece of mind as i know i can call him whenever to talk to him or get him to come home because his tea is ready.
He is a Beaver Scout so often goes on trips and camps he can contact us if he needs to.
His Father and i are divorced and he goes and stays with his dad, now when hes at his dads i don't have to call his father any more to talk to him, like wise Tino doesn't have to ask to call mummy.

I'm sure you all have a thought about this and i would love to hear your reasons / arguments either for or against. Please comment below i would love to hear from you.

So what actually is 1stFone and what does it do?
In a nutshell its a mobile phone aimed at children, added piece of mind for parents. Now they cant call just anyone, the phone is pre-programmed and can store for 2-12 names. We decided to have 4 names on Tinos phone, Mummy, Daddy, William and Katie.
Although he does have a mobile number so other family and friends can contact him. There is no text or internet so no unexpected data or text bills, its just a simple hassle free mobile.
The 1stFone is completely personable with a wide range of colours and designs, Tino wanted green splat design (green is his favorite colour!)
Its small and light weight, about the size of a credit card and really light about 40 grams, it comes with a lanyard so he can wear it round his neck.
It seems to be very simple and straight forward to use..... We will report back in a couple of weeks, with an update.

Information on prices...
A personalised 1stFone handset is available from £55.
Choose from Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly price plans.
You can also pay for 6 or 12 months of airtime up front at a discounted price.
Go to for more information on prices and designs also follow them on  Twitter g+ Facebook Or alternatively contact 1stFone directly on or call 0845 459 6699 Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

0800 669 6699

We have been provided this phone to use and review, i have not received any payment and all views, opinions and pictures are my own and not of 1stFone's

0800 669 6699

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