Saturday, 8 June 2013

A walk In The Woods With The Mini's

We headed out for the evening after the Mini's had finished school to go burn off some energy. The sun was shinning, we donned our wellies and headed for Forge Valley. 
Alex was strapped to mummy in her baby carrier as the woods are no place for a stroller!

No walk in the woods is complete with out finding a stick, Lorenzo found a small branch that he carried around until he found something else.

He Looks pretty scary right?
We walked......

And we walked.........

Until the boys found a rope swing.....over a stream...

Tino having a go.

Lorenzo then got in on the action....

Lorenzo trying it out.

Lorenzo did really well, but we did end up with a slightly soggy Tino. Its great that the nights are lighter and we can get out and enjoy our countryside. Im sure as soon as this little lady is up and walking she will be wanting to join in the fun with her brothers!

Me & Alex 

Thanks for reading and if you know of any local places to get out and about please drop me a comment below.
Love Mel x

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