Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cosatto Pre Launch Party AW13

I am excited to tell you all... but shhhhh listen up. 

I have been lucky enough to be invited to Cosatto's AW13 launch preview for bloggers and press :) Eeekkkk i could squeal with excitement!!!!
On Thursday 13th June i will be heading down to Bolton where i will find Cosatto's HQ to see what they have in store for all you wonderful parents, babies and such.
I'm not exactly sure what we will see on the day but i'm convinced it will NOT be disappointing.
Cosatto are known for there bright, colourful, quirky designs and patterns and the motto couldn't be more true.
"saving the world from boring baby stuff"     

Cosatto have a hash tag if you want to keep informed of Thursdays events, but until us bloggers / press get the go a head to publish our day you will just have to sit tight and wait (i'm sure its going to be worth it!) 

follow the #Patterntastic to stay in the loop and don't forget to follow Cosatto on Twitter Facebook Pinterest and of course the website.

If your also attending on Thursday please let me know it would be wonderful to put a face to some of the blogs i read.
Mel x 
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