Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Half way to Christmas... Eek!

Today is the 25th of June so were technically half way to Christmas!
Can you believe it?
This year I have planned to be super organised so I can hopefully sit back and watch others run around like headless turkeys getting last minute gifts. I have already made a huge start on buying the Minis pressies so I am quietly confident that I will be all done and dusted by the end of summer. 
Last year Alexandra was only 7 months old so I am really looking forward to spreading the magic of Christmas for her and the boys.
Valentino is nearly 8 and I suspect he is starting to having doubts about authenticity of the big man... And before you ask yes Santa is real!

Last year he sent us a special friend, on the 1st of December a box arrived on our door step, we brought it inside and opened it, we had been left a book and an Elf! We named the elf Mack and he's our very own elf on a shelf!

Now he's not here for a holiday in fact he has an extremely important job to do..... You could think of him as a spy..... Santa's spy, sent from the North Pole. On the 1st of December he comes into our house, we leave him in his box... During the night he fly's back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa, he tells him what we have been doing, good or bad. We can also tell him what we would like for Christmas.
When he returns he finds a spot to sit in the house, this often changes, he can also get up to mischief! There are a few rules about adopting an elf, the main one is you can't ever ever touch him. Do this and he may loose his magic powers to fly so he won't be able to fly back to Santa on an evening. 
Mack hiding on our tree
Last year Mack played a naughty trick on the boys whilst we were all sound asleep, he went into our bathroom and raided my make up bag!!! (I wasn't happy) he drew on the tiles in the bathroom and also drew a mustache on Valentino and Lorenzo as they slept. The next morning when they woke up a tile in the bathroom read "look in the mirror" so the boys did to discover what he had done to them in the night!
I wasn't happy as it was really hard to get off and Valentino nearly had to go to school with a mustache drawn on his face!  

Look what Mack did!!!
Lorenzo & Valentino after Macks attack!
So are you getting organised for Christmas or have you not even given it a thought? 
I can't wait till the 1st of December I will have to let you know how we get on this year with Mack, You follow our journey with our very own Elf on a shelf.
Mack swinging from our living room light!
Mel x
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