Thursday, 27 June 2013

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

Milton have been kind enough to send me some products to use and review,  I love Milton as a brand, its a brand i trust and has been around since 1916 it had been used in both hospitals and homes for over 60 years.
I was really excited to try the new solo travel steriliser, Alex is only having around three bottles a day now, so i have now packed up our great big chunky steam steriliser to use the New Milton Solo.
Here's what came :)
First impressions on the Solo are that its small and appears to be simple to use. It is small and light weight perfect for travel and holidays.
Just three parts the base/jug unit that you can fill if using it as a cold water steriliser (this is what I've been using most) The lid and the submerger (that is attached to the lid)
All the parts and instructions

The solo can also be used as a microwave steriliser, you just add 20ml of cold water into the base, add the items to be sterilised, push down the safety vent and microwave from 2 minutes. If the Solo is left unopened after microwaving and the safety vent is closed, the bottle will remain sterile for up to 24 hours.

Here's how I've been using the Solo as a cold water Steriliser.
Cold Water Sterilising
It is so simple you just fill the Solo with 1.25 litres (to the line on the base) of cold water and add either 1/4 Milton Sterilising Tablet, or 1/4 cap of Milton Sterilising Fluid.
Add the bottle, teat and cap (I add soothers as well) and after just 15 minutes they are ready to use straight away with no need to rinse.
you can keep the water for up to 24 hours and the unit is completely water tight! I did fill it and give it a good shake :) (Just make sure the pop safety vent is down)
I cant think of anything negative to say about the Solo it is perfect for what we need now. I just clean and rise Alex's bottles after shes used them and pop them in. 15 minutes later they are ready, it couldn't be simpler. Although we do have some big 10oz bottles and they are slightly big for the Solo, in cold water mode but they do fit in Microwave mode with the submurger removed.
The Rrp for the Milton Solo is £10.99 available from Mothercare, Kiddicare.
If you want to find more information on the Milton brand head over to

I have not been paid for this post all views and opinions and pictures are my own, i was sent the Solo from Milton for an honest independent review. Follow on Bloglovin

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