Thursday, 18 July 2013

1STFONE Review

Valentino and I were kindly sent a 1STFONE to review last month. I posted our first impressions back when we received his phone as lots of people were interested in it and wanted to know what it did, how it worked and of course why i chose to let my 7year old son have a mobile phone.

My reasons were as follows....

"Don't get me wrong he doesn't NEED one, I mean his head is going to explode or anything terrible like that. He is now 7 years old and has started playing out with his friend on an evening. To me this is piece of mind as i know i can call him whenever to talk to him or get him to come home because his tea is ready.

He is a Beaver Scout so often goes on trips and camps he can contact us if he needs to.

His Father and i are divorced and he goes and stays with his dad, now when hes at his dads i don't have to call his father any more to talk to him, like wise Tino doesn't have to ask to call mummy."

So how did we get on with the 1stfone?
Really well actually, after the initial day or two the novelty of having his own phone wore off so did the the calls from the kitchen or out side... he would call and ask how i was..
  "son i'm in the next room i can assure you i'm fine"
This was generally my answer!

I loved the fact i could contact him when he was playing out with his friend from two doors up.  I was no longer like an old fish wife hollering from the door step to tell him his dinner was ready or to come in as hes got to go to beavers!
When hes at his dads i can call and keep regular contact with him, great as now i don't have to call my ex husband to talk to him!
Apart from the occasional accidental call Valentino used his phone well and i would have no problem with him keeping it long term.
His brother Lorenzo who is 4 could also use it and now hes nagging in my ear for his own 1stfone!

Wearing his phone on a family day out
1STFONE next to my driving licence (size comparison)
  • Its small just a little bit smaller than a credit card. 
  • Its light weight so it can be worn around the neck on a lanyard.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Pre-programmed to chosen numbers (he cant call his uncle Jim in Jamaica!)
  • Battery charge lasted long, i only had to charge it once a week (this i suppose would depend on usage?)
  • Fully customizable designs Valentino chose green splat.

Side view of the thickness of the 1STFONE

  • This is not really the phones fault more of the fact that up here in North Yorkshire Vodafone network doesn't seem to receive the strongest signal, so when my son was camping in the middle of a field off the A64 the phone battery didn't last long. This was probably due to the fact it was trying to connect to the network.
  • My other gripe would be that i would love to see a lock button on the handset, as Valentino did and has called me by accident, so this i feel would improve the 1stfone further.

I would certainly recommend 1STFONE to other parents, i felt it gave my son freedom but without the added stress of internet browsing, texting and being able to call random numbers.
Information on prices...
A personalised 1STFONE handset is available from £55.
Choose from Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly price plans.
You can also pay for 6 or 12 months of airtime up front at a discounted price.
Go to for more information on prices and designs also follow them on  Twitter g+ Facebook Or alternatively contact 1stFone directly on or call 0845 459 6699 Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

We were sent the 1STFONE on contract for a month to trial but once that month is up we have decided were going to change it over to pay as you go for him.
1STFONE are great to deal with and it you have any questions regarding the 1STFONE they are more than happy to help you out. Visit 1STFONE for more information, or drop me a comment i may be able to help you out.

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