Thursday, 25 July 2013

Stokke Xplory V3 in Limited Edition Pink

Anyone who knows me will know i love my prams, I'm not really sure why, maybe i was deprived as a child growing up or maybe i just love how advanced and the countless options there is available for parents now.
Parents have needs and of course a budget and what may suit one if probably completely unsuitable for another.
So here's my latest toy.... (I mean Alex's wheels)
Introducing our brand new and shiny.....

Stokke Xplory V3 in Limited Edition Pink

So here it is, as soon as the courier brought it i started snapping away

Alex was peacefully enjoying her afternoon nap and i had planned to make a video of unboxing and assembling my new toy so here it is.... (Please note i'm new to making videos)

So what did you think? aside the Northern accent lol.
I had never assembled an Xplory before so i was pleased with my little self and i didn't even need to read the instruction manual... WIN!

TaDa!!!! It looks stunning doesn't it? I do believe i am just a little bit in love. After my two little men pink is perfect and a never been done in a pram colour before (apart from my Camleon...Shh)

Shortly after i had assembled and made my video my little princess soon woke, i couldn't wait to sit her in it.

Alex seemed to like it. I love how high up she is and that she can take in more of the world around her. Stokke motto is  "Higher is better"  and that certainly seems to be the case. Im a tall mummy so i just loved that she was well raised off the ground and more on my level.

Excited to get out and take our Xplory on its first ride we headed out in the village to give it a whirl.

Lorenzo who is 4 has no problem taking his sister for a stroll, he loved that the handle bar could adjust to be his height and he didn't seem to struggle to steer it, even with his little sister in the pram.

We walked round to school to pick my eldest son up and i had numerous comments from other mummy's in the playground, they all seemed to like the Xplory and commented on how high Alex was and that they like that. (There are not many Xplory's around where i live, in fact i haven't seen any so this is probably why people seem so intrigued)

We have only had our Xplory just over a week now and so far it seems great. The weather we have had has been amazing and Stokke make a summer kit that i just had to buy.

Pink Pixels Summer Kit....

The summer kit includes A parasol UPF50 , hood UPF50 with ventilation and rear textile cover, sunsail, terrycloth seat cover and rear textile cover. Perfect for getting out in the sun but still protecting my little princess.

So there you have it, that's our new Stokke Xplory i'm sure over the summer holidays you will see more of it when i'm busy snapping away when were out and about.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions, hope you enjoyed my video.
Mel x

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