Monday, 15 July 2013

We're Living with RECARO Monza Nova IS With Nursery Trader

A while back i applied to become a RECARO Monza Nova IS tester with Nursery Trader.
I had completely forgotten about it until i got a call from Nursery Trader, telling me i had been successful with my application and they wanted me to join the living with team.
A little about "Living with" on Nursery Trader, We will be receiving the RECARO Monza Nova IS to review for 3 months, regular updates will be available on Nursery Traders website. If you are a VIP for Nursery Trader keep you eyes peeled for other Living with opportunities. If your not a VIP sign up today its only £6 a year!! (Less than a nice bottle of Prosecco)
We cant wait to let you all know what we think about the RECARO and Lorenzo my chief tester is very excited to be testing and helping me review.

Lorenzo Chief Tester

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