Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chuggington - Chugger of the year DVD Review

We recently received Chuggington chugger of the year DVD to review, Lorenzo was thrilled to get this in the post and he was even more excited that it came complete with a die cast "Speedy McAllister" train.

The DVD has 7 Episodes packed with Traintastic Adventures! In these fun-packed episodes ride the rails with trainee engines Brewster, Koko, Wilson, Hoot and Toot and the rest of the Chuggington crew. Along the way, they learn some valuable lessons and new skills, empowering them to become the best trainees they can be.

As Koko does all she can to try to be Chugger of the Year, Wilson learns the value of teamwork, Brewster’s turntable lessons prove useful and Hoot discovers why Toot is getting her deliveries wrong. Meanwhile, there’s more traintastic excitement as Emery tries to make the front page of the Chuggington Gazette, Wilson’s camouflage is scarily good and Hoot and Toot get too greedy for Vee’s Golden Wheel awards.

Episodes are:-
  • Hoot vs Toot
  • Stop the Press Emery
  • Babysitter Brewster
  • Chugger of the Year
  • Chug of War
  • Gold Wheels
  • Chug o Flage
It also has extra's Meet the Chuggers - Speedy, Hoot and Toot. The running time is approximately 70 minutes around 10 minutes per episode.

Speedy McAllister
Speedy McAllister
Lorenzo enjoyed watching Chugger of the year, so much so that we had to watch it twice!
The episodes are a great length for in car journeys or to watch a few episodes instead of a lengthy film before bedtime.
Its defiantly a hit for Lorenzo, if he's watching a film or DVD and he doesn't like it he quickly can loose interest and start bouncing round the room, in the case of Chugger of the year this hasn't happened yet.
Chugger of the year DVD gets a big thumbs up from us.

Mel x

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*Disclaimer we were sent this DVD for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own*

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