Monday, 5 August 2013

Messy play - Jelly Time

This weekend whilst daddy was at work, we got messy with jelly :)
This is great for promoting learning, development and sensory play is certainly fun. Alex was using her motor skills trying to pick up the jelly and discovering what happened when she squished, poked and even ate it.
Jelly play started off very civilized and clean but by the end it was a different matter. Alex was squelching it, wiping it around and even clapping with the jelly in her hands :)
We had a great time and as it was jelly it was fine if she wanted to have a little taste.

We will be doing messy play again soon, the tray that we were using i purchased from amazon for about £8, not only does it come in handy for messy play the kids love to use it do do jigsaws and play with their cars. Its a great buy that we get lots of use from.

Mel x

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