Sunday, 4 August 2013

Motorbike Accident

So after spending the week with the Minis, listening to the constant bickering and hearing about bums and willy's, i thought that would be the worst that i had to deal with.

I went to collect the Mr from work on Saturday after his 12 hour shift, i called in to the shop on the way home to buy a bottle of wine to relax for the evening.
As i got home i received a phone call from my step dad to tell me that him and my mum had come off their motorbike and were both I hospital. 
My initial reaction was one of calm and composure, asking questions to my step dad, it wasn't until i had gotten off the phone that i started to worry, and panic set in!  Mum was taken from Helmsley by air ambulance to James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough, this is a specialist trauma hospital for my area, i started to worry.
I dropped little miss off at my grans who was also not in a panic as to what was happening and i headed up to James Cook to see my mum.

We got to the hospital and she was just being brought back from having a scan, she had already had x-rays and now they were waiting for the results to come in. 
Time passed and she was talking to me, all be it a bit jibberish (i think that was the painkillers!) 

Eventually a nurse came round and was able to remove the neck collar that she had on. Results of the x-rays and scans came in and she would need to have an operation on her shoulder, but as of yet were weren't given a time scale or any indication as of the next steps of action.
She has a few broken ribs and is currently waiting for an operation which is at the moment said to be scheduled for either this coming Wednesday or Thursday.

Step dad has a broken arm and a dislocated thumb (not on the broken side) So hes walking wounded.
I'm so glad that it isn't anything more serious and i think they are both extremely lucky! It could of been a lot worse, so to walk away with a few breaks and plenty of bruises it surely a blessing in its self! 

So Mummy hope you get better soon and were wishing you a speedy recovery!
Love you lots Me, Him and the Mini's

Me aged about 8 with my Mum 
Mel x

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