Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NOW TV Box - Review

NOW TV box is available of £9.99 from NOWTV.COM with a sky or Now TV account

You can receive Now TV, plus many additional apps like BBC iplayer and demand 5.
4Od and ITV player aren't currently available on Now TV but are due to be added in the foreseeable future.

We received a deal from Now TV for 6 months package for £15. After that the package will cost £15 per month which is three times more than other rival streaming services.
Sky sports is available as a pay as you go service priced at £9.99 per day, fine for a one off event but i wouldn't want to pay that price on a daily basis! (good job were not sport addicts!)

Now TV has a more up to date movies selection than Netflix and LoveFilm. With a wide selection of  genres of films from Disney to horror. 

Whats in the box
Now Tv comes with a simple to use remote, with HDMI cable and power supply in the box.

Rear view of box

Setup Menu

Setup it very easy just plug in and go through the setup menu and add your WiFi, there is no Ethernet port so you can only use a WiFi connection to connect. 

 I like that the buttons are minimal on the remote making it extremely simple to use. 

The interface is really simple and easy to use, my 7 year old son Valentino could navigate this with out any direction. 
It doesn't play full HD it only 720p, but this is hardly noticeable as the quality is still very good.
We haven't encountered any buffering issues probably due to the fact we have sky fiber 40mb.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how simple the box is to use and the choice of great films to watch for both me the husband and the kids. Its great for catching up on missed programs and i look forward to more updates coming soon from Now Tv.

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**Disclaimer i purchased the box myself all opinions are my own**

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