Saturday, 31 August 2013

Red Hot World Buffet - Our first Visit

As you know i blogged about how i was excited to announce that we had been chosen to be red hot taste makers for the red hot world buffet and bar.
As soon as we found out we were itching to visit our local Red Hot Buffet (Leeds)
So we booked in and hers how our meal went.

We arrived promptly as we had already pre booked our table and we were told to go down stairs to table 87, i was slightly apprehensive as i couldn't take my pram down there and had to leave it by reception, but i was assured it would be fine.

We headed down to the dining area and the overall feel was as if we were going on holiday and we had to board a plane.. we quickly were shown to our table and a waitress came and asked us what we would live to drink, i ordered the kids drinks and then ordered a signature cocktail for the husband and asked for a suggested cocktail for myself we agreed on a blackcurrant/grape absolute cocktail.
The Signature Cocktail was amazing and i will defiantly have it again!

We then headed off to explore the buffet, there is a wide range of foods available from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and many more. I think both me and the kids felt at first a little overwhelmed and spoilt for choice, but the kids soon got stuck in getting wedges, chili, Nan bread and anything else that took their fancy.

The Minis enjoying being taste makers!

Valentino is becoming more adventurous with his eating now and decided he wanted to sample some Sushi and Calamari. He loved them both and it was great that he could just try what he fancies without having to order a full meal of it. (Great for fussy eaters!)

I decided i would go and get something cooked from one of the live counters. The live counters in the Leeds branch are basically 

  • Made to order pasta and Rissoto station
  • Made to order noodle Bar
  • Made to order chinese stir fry
  • Fish Counter (Grilled)
  • Chargrill (Straight from grill)
  • Live Tepanyaki Counter
  • Live Swiss Potato Counter

I opted for pasta from the live station as one of my favorite pasta dishes has to be Spaghetti Carbonara! 
There's my dinner being cooked for me, it was great as i could specify what i wanted and how id like it cooking. It tasted beautiful and i was impressed at how fast my meal was ready, it was lovely, hot and fresh.

Spaghetti Carbonara
So after we had sampled a lot of the dishes that they had to offer (even the kids went back for more!) The kids and i were chomping at the bit to go and try out the desserts.

Mummy's Deserts 
I'm not normally a dessert person although i love them, if we eat out i often skip desserts and opt for the bill, but these desserts were AMAZING! great little portions so it was fantastic to try a few and of course i did... it would be a sin not to right???

So my plate consisted of pear cheese cake, chocolate brownie, carrot-cake, creme brulee, strawberry mousse and the amazing chocolate fountain.

Lorenzo's Desserts
Lorenzo's dessert plate had jelly (lime and orange flavour), carrot-cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate fountain, strawberry mousse and chocolate ice-cream with what appeared to be rice crispies on.
I think the kids thought they were in heaven as they could just go back and get more whenever they wanted.

One thing that let the Leeds branch of the Red Hot World Buffet down was the ladies toilets, they were pretty dark and one of the toilet cubicles were out of order at the time of our visit.
The hand dryer was broken so we had to dry our hands on a roll of toilet paper that had been placed next to the sink, not very nice or appealing but i'm sure these will be rectified when we next visit.
Over all we had a fantastic dining experience, plenty of friendly polite staff were around to take our empty plates when we had finished and we could order drinks at any time, they simply brought them to us at the table.
The children loved it and i was happy that they ate well and even tried some new taste experiences. I cant wait for our next visit :)

Mel x

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*Disclaimer we are part of the #RedHotTastemaker blogger program, so receive a meal in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts pictures and content is my own*

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