Monday, 19 August 2013

SodaStream SOURCE Review.

We were thrilled to be sent a SodaStream Source in black to review, I am a pepsi max addict and with the husband working night shifts he tends to spend a small fortune on cans of energy drinks. We were excited to try the Source, especially from a money saving aspect and ultimately reducing the amount plastic and cans we recycle.

I had a SodaStream when i was little and when the Source arrived on our doorstep all the memories came flooding back.
The Source has some great new features that just give it a great fresh modern look.
The Design is slim and sleek looking with the LED interface to identify when your water is fully carbonated.
Whats in the box
So this is whats in the box, the SodaStream source unit, gas, carbonating bottle, instructions, and a sample pack of flavours.
Its more or less ready to go you just have to screw the gas canister in at the back and your ready to get busy with the fizzy!

Here is the back of the source showing the installed gas unit
Gas Canister Installed
The source has been activated by pushing the front of the unit the LED indicators are showing the amount of fizz that has been dispensed into the water.
LED Indicators showing the level of fizz
 The water is now carbonated and ready to add the flavour.
Carbonated Water

Now you fill the cap on your chosen flavour, i'm using SodaStream Energy, simply tilt the bottle to add the flavour to avoid fizzing and over flow.
Adding the flavour
Add the carbonating bottle cap and give it a gentle swirl to mix the flavour and water together then your ready to drink and enjoy.

Here's Valentino making some cherry fizz, its so simple even he can do it.
Tino getting busy with the fizzy
Now for my favorite and what every woman likes, Cocktails! SodaStream have made a range of Cocktail flavours, Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Mojito
Cocktail Flavours
Here's a Mojito that i made, it tastes fab and you can really get as creative as you want.
Mojito Cocktail

Mojito Cocktail 
I have totally fallen in love with the Cosmopolitan flavour so much so that i do need to buy some more. Next time i have a girls night in we are defiantly going to have a SodaStream Cocktail night.

The Cost of the SodaStram Source retails at £79.99 and flavours start from as little as £2.99. 
Gas cylinders hold 60 litre and are exchangeable for £9.99 (with your empty canister) or if you wish to buy an additional cylinder with out exchange they retail at £19.99
Start up cost is not cheap but they do have other models of the SodaStream drinks maker starting at £49.99
After using for just a few weeks we have defiantly saved some pennies and also my blue recycling bin is not full of plastic bottles or drinks cans.
It looks great and its really easy to clean due to its simple sleek design.
It get a huge thumbs up from Valentino and Lorenzo as an occasional treat and they enjoy making ordinary water turn fizzy!
Me and the Hubby have been using it every day and so far our gas is still going strong. 
To find out more from SodaStream do check out their website where you will find the latest offers and news.
Mel x

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**Disclaimer, we were sent the SodaStream source for the purpose of an honest review, all thoughts pictures and content is my own**