Thursday, 22 August 2013

WOW Pack Wanderer

Lorenzo is one of the first kids in the UK to get his hands on a brand new product!  "WOW PACKS" are set to be launched here to the UK market August 2013.
Lorenzo and Snot the Zombie

WOW PACKS are the first ever R/C animated backpacks that magically come to life with the press of a button.
The WOW PACK has a built in controller attached to the shoulder strap, to activate you simply press the buttons for your WOW PACK to make funny noises and expressions.
Lorenzo has a snot the zombie, he rolls his eyes, blows raspberries and snot comes out of his nose!
Controller On Shoulder Strap

Snot the Zombie is bright and coulourful with his googly eyes that spin round and the yellow snot that drips from his nose!
Snot the Zombie
Inside the back pack there is plenty of room for Lorenzo to carry his bits and bobs around, he likes to carry his bunny bunny, drinks and of course some toy cars.
Inside the WOW PACK

Here's Lorenzo out and about wandering with his WOW PACK!
Out and About with the WOW PACK

Here's a video of WOWPACKS in action.

Lorenzo has become very attached to his Snot the Zombie and takes him everywhere, packed with his toys drinks and other bits and pieces he wants to carry around with him.
It has been a real surprise for people to see and have been a great conversation starter! We have had lots of compliment about it and Lorenzo loves to show every one what it can do.

The only main disadvantage i can think of as a parent is that i would love to see a main On/Off button for the WOWPACK as Lorenzo wants to Snot the Zombie to school with him in September.
Overall its a great little product and has defiantly has some WOW appeal, I'm sure we will be using Snot the Zombie for many more months to come.

Mel x

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