Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mother and Baby Awards 2013 Shortlist is Announced!

Once again over the summer me and a select group of testers have been testing for the Mother and Baby Awards 2013/2014.
The shortlist has now been announced and i'm thrilled to see some of products that we were privilege enough to test are in the shortlist for an award!

The shortlist is now available to view online on the Mother and Baby website.

The Awards ceremony will take place on the 27th November 6.30 pm at London Hilton Lane Park.

I cant wait to find out who will be going home with a Mother and baby award, i wish all the companies who took part lots of good luck!

Well done to everyone who was part of the Baby Awards this year. I will update you all after the 27th with a list of who scooped what!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bye Bye Dirty Carpets!

With a house of two boys, one husband and a toddler lets face it my cream carpets have taken a fair old battering over the past year or so!
We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test and review a Rug Doctor, i jumped at the chance as i wanted to freshen my carpets up as well as removing the daily dirt!
So the Rug Doctor arrived (Yippie!)

The first place we started was near the front door, as you can imagine this is a high traffic area so it really did put the Rug Doctor to the test!

We have always had a door mat down so you can see the colour difference before we started to clean.

The dirt is slowly starting to lift, after we went over the carpet for the first time, the difference is already starting to show.

This is the difference after going over the area twice with the Rug Doctor!

See above picture that is the dirty water! I can only describe it as like a really watery chocolate milk colour! (gross!)

We then moved onto the living room, now i must admit i didn't really think that the carpet was that dirty in here. Yes we had the odd mark and satin but i didn't for one second expect to see such a noticeable difference! Not only did we see the visual difference but it also brought the carpet back to life, the pile was fluffy and soft again!

Living room almost complete

So the above picture is another great example of a high traffic area, this is just coming out of the kitchen door and in to the dining area. It really has made such a huge difference, don't get me wrong i don't expect miracles but i'm more than happy with the over all result!

Our carpet is a quality thick pile wool and it has defiantly brought some bounce back. We did however have to change the water every ten minutes or so, i'm sure this will depend on the thickness of your carpet, you would be able to cover a bigger surface area if your carpet has a smaller pile. It didn't take long to refill the Rug Doctor and start again mind. I also mixed the cleaning solution with hot water as i wanted to get the best results possible!

You can rent a Rug Doctor from a whole list of retailers, on the Rug Doctor site there is a postcode checker for your nearest Rental Station. Prices may vary so its always best to check and they also do combined offers for the rental and the cleaning solution.

I was really sad to see the Rug Doctor go, if i had the pennies to buy one i would. I will be renting one again that's for sure.
Mel x
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**Disclaimer- We were sent the Rug Doctor for this review all pictures and opinions are my own**

Monday, 23 September 2013

Back to school

Well September is here and the boys are back to school, Lorenzo has just started reception and Valentino has just gone into year 3 (juniors...eeek its making me feel old!)
With school back in full swing it also means the boys are once again bringing the dreaded homework home.
I do feel that they tend to get an awful lot for their age and currently Tino is working on a power point presentation, but lucky for me they really enjoy doing it (phew!)
Long may it last i say!

The boys were lucky enough to be sent some new stationary from the people at Stabilo, they received a right handed pen, pencil and a pack of fine liners 
Back to school Stationary

Lorenzo using his right handed pen
Lorenzo hasn't started getting home work yet but he's always keen and wants to be like his brother and get some, so I've started giving him simple things to do like practice writing his name and writing his numbers.

Tino practicing his spellings
Tino has been busy with his spellings, number bonds and reading. Like most kids they were thrilled with their new stationary so it had made the homework more enjoyable, the fine liners are great for doing research for his presentation and i'm glad that hes doing it and enjoying it at the same time.

Do your children get home work, if so how old are they? do you feel that the amount they receive is not enough or too much? 
Id love to know your thoughts.
Mel x 
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Joolz Day Studio Gris, review coming soon!

Introducing the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris.

Here's what Joolz have to say in the press release for the Studio collection...

"To get everyone inspired, Joolz has launched two exclusive editions: the Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris, inspired by French romance Crafted with beautiful details, such as a double stitched lining and leatherette, the introduction of this double treat is a perfect way to celebrate the launch of the Joolz Studio collection. But there is more! With the online customisation program a personalised Joolz Day Studio Tailor can be created, with unique colour combinations and materials. You can choose your colour, be creative like a kid and design your personal Joolz Day Studio Tailor!"

Joolz Day Studio Noir
"Crafted with beautiful details and designed to stroll down the boulevard in style, the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris are very Oh La La! With double stitched lining, black wheels and stunning fabrics, this double treat is the first result of the new Joolz Studio platform, a playground where we experiment with new colours, materials and concepts. Inspired by French romance, the leatherette handle and bumper bar, and the fabric interior are decorated with detailed double stitched lining. The fashionable black Joolz Day Studio Noir and the reversed-denim Studio Gris come complete with a chassis, cot, seat, shopping basket and rain cover. The nursery bag, footmuff and parasol are available in matching colours. Bon voyage! The Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris will be available from September 2013. The RRP is £ 749,00."

Joolz Day Studio Gris
Now for you lovelies that are following me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook you will have probably noticed that i have been sent a Joolz Day Studio Gris for review! (woooohoooo!!!!)

Now its only been here for a few days but I've already taken some quick snaps on my phone and added them to my social networks, i will of course be writing a full review with some quality pictures (from my DSLR) once we have had this little beauty for a few weeks :)

So here you are, my snaps so far!

                   Beautiful attention to detail with the stitching on the leatherette handle bar
Close up of the handlebar
Hood and stitching detail
Gris Hood detail 

Bumper bar and seat unit detail
Bumper Bar
Sleek chassis 

Studio Gris Parasol and seat
Gris Parasol
Its beautiful isn't it?
I have had a Joolz back in't day, and i must say they have made some great improvements.

Parents in the school playground have been eyeing up the Studio Gris with a few that have expressing some interest and wanting to know more.
I went to visit my gran and i'm afraid to say she's in love with it, but i will add that later to my review.... (granny's seal of approval is always a good one!) 

So here's my chief tester Alexandra out for a stroll with mummy and daddy (& her bunny!)....

I cant wait to share with you how we've been getting on with the Joolz Day Studio, and share our experience!

Keep up to date with the latest from Joolz at or follow them on at Facebook

Mel x
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DC Super Friends Magazine Review

We were sent DC Super Friends Magazine to review, this is a magazine aimed at pre-school boys aged between 2 and 5 years old, priced at £2.99 a month.

DC Super Friends

Here's what the people behind DC Super Friends have to say about it..

"DC Super Friends offers exciting stories about the super friends Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern and many others. DC Super Friends is packed with lots of creative learning quizzes and activities, colouring games, cut out and keep, make and wear activities, character fact files, a fan mail section for all of those lovely pictures we receive and brilliant prizes to be won through our competitions. DC Super Friends stimulates the imagination of pre-school boys through play activities and great stories of good role models uniting through friendship."

Valentino Reading to his brother
Now the boys really liked this magazine and enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures and the colouring.
They are fans of DC comics and loved reading about Green Lantern, BatMan, The Flash and of course the bad guys, The Joker, Mr Freeze and The Penguin.
More importantly they loved playing the with free toy, i often think this is what kids look at when selecting a comic/magazine.
Toy that came with the magazine
My thoughts on DC Super Friends...

It is a great looking, bright and colourful magazine with lots to do in it. The stories in the magazine i personally feel are slightly out of age range for that of a two year old. 
Lorenzo is 4 and certainly couldn't read it yet but his brother (7 years old) could. I feel that it would probably be more suited to a slightly older age range possibly 4-8 years old?
Its only 23 pages long so it didn't take the boys long to get through the magazine so id love to see slightly more content.
Valentino is now badgering me to subscribe to DC Super Friends magazine and if you do this there are savings to be had.

For more information on DC Super Friends please visit

The magazines will go on sale in the UK on the 19th September 2013 and you can find these in supermarkets and newsagents.

Mel x
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*Disclaimer we were sent this magazine for an open and honest review all pictures and opinions are my own*

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Little Fun Fest Review A Fantastic Family Day Out

So Little Fun Fest has been and gone, it's has taken me a while to get this blog up but the amount of pictures i took on the day was crazy.
I was so pleased to be part of little fun fest and been given the opportunity to blog about it was fantastic.
We arrived at York maze just after 10am ready to start the day, the itinerary was jam packed with lots going on in the show barn and the big top tent!
The highlight of our day was a special meet and greet with all the stars of little fun fest and of course seeing Alex Winters getting gunged!

Boy with SpiderMan

Boys meet Mr Maker

Mummy meets Mr Maker

Lab Rat kept an eye on sleepy Alex

Boys Meet Batman

Us and Mr Bloom

Us and Alex Winters
When Alex met Alex 
The children has so much fun and the day was really jam packed, it was hard deciding who we were going to see and when. The children had a great time on the fair they had there and it was great that all the rides were included with the ticket, often these things cost extra and with three children all wanting a pound here and there it certainly adds up!

And here's Alex Winters getting gunged
The Face of Fear! 

Farmer Tom got his own back! 
York maze is a fantastic venue and a place we love to visit so I hope there will be another fun fest next year! 

If you didn't come along this year i hope you come to the next one, it certainty wont disappoint!
Mel x

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Swimming A skill for life!

So i tweeted last week about how swimming training is back in full swing after the summer holidays.
The summer brought a welcome break for Valentino but it did include lots of fun in the pool on holiday.
Hes been having lessons with our local amateur swimming club since he was 5 years old and before they finished for summer he was told that he would be moving up into the "big pool"
We were thrilled at this news as we knew that he had done it, he had learnt to swim!
So last week training began, hes in the big pool now and to be honest i think it was a bit of a shock... No more fun splashing around in the pool but lengths, and lengths and more lengths.

I'm really proud of him and i hope he keeps it up, but more importantly i hope he continues to enjoy it.
It really is a skill for life and i will make sure all my children have the opportunity to learn to swim, who knows he may even want to compete in galas one day!
Mel x

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Water Bobble Review

I received a really awesome looking water bottle and jug from Bobble, this was a brand that i had only just stumbled across during a shopping trip in York at BHS. 
I was really thrilled to receive one as i love new products, water bottles i find they tend to get stolen by the kids or the husband so when my bright pink bobble and jug landed on my door step i couldn't wait to get using it. 
Bobble isn't a new brand or product in fact they are just new to the UK, I had a look on instagram and sure enough the bobble popped up! 
Bobble launched back in 2010 in the USA and is now available in 36+ countries.

So here's it is... 

Bobble jug and water bottle
So what is bobble and what makes it different from any other water bottle out there?

Well in a nutshell is a pretty good looking water bottle. It holds 550ml and retails at £8.99, with the added filter system,  i was slightly skeptic if the filter would make any difference to the normal tap water but i must admit i'm pleasantly surprised and it does taste like bottled mineral water. The filter on the bottle lasts approximately 300 fills of the bottle and replacement filter retailing at £5.99
Various colours available
The Bobble jug holds 2 litre and retails at £17.99. It works exactly the same as the bobble bottle with the unique filtration system, the filter should be replaced every 2 months or 100 litre = 50 fills. A replacement filter for the jug retail at £7.49

I love the overall look and feel of the jug and unlike other water filter systems out there is it really compact and fits perfectly in the fridge door (see pic below)
Bobble Jug Magenta

We have been using the Jug every day, at meal times it comes out of the fridge and sits on the table, the kids love having really cold water and the design of the jug makes it really easy for them to pour. 
All Bobble products are BPA free and 100% recyclable

My Bobble Jug and Bottle in the the fridge door
I love to take the Bobble with me when we go shopping and my daughter Alex uses it and doesn't end up getting wet unlike other sports cap style bottles.

Bobble Jug shopping with me and Alex
We will be continuing to use our Bobble Jug and Bottle and the boys have already asked me for one each in there favorite colours!
To find out more about Bobble and a full list of retailers check out the Bobble website
They have just launched Bobble sport and there is a whole host of other products including accessories.

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*Disclaimer we were sent the products for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own*