Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Baby 0 Mummy 1. Baby proofing the house!

As the tittle suggests, I have in fact been baby proofing the house... (again!)
Little Alexandra is up and away and nothing is now safe, not even the stairs!
A few weeks back she learnt how to open the living room door and make a beeline for the great stairway to... her bed??
This gave me a huge kick up the butt to actually get a stair gate put up or lock Alex in a cage? Now I'm sure the second will get me into trouble so we went with a stair gate!

A new welcome addition to our home is the Lindam Sure Shut Deco Safety Gate

We opted for the sure shut as to be perfectly honest i don't like drilling holes in walls, not only am i rubbish at it, i would of had to rummage around in our garage to find the appropriate tools.
The look of the Sure Shut Deco also appealed to me as it isn't just a white metal gate, i like the wood and the dark silver metal.

Our Delivery :)

The Lindam Sure Shut Deco retails at £36.99 and is available from Boots amazon Argos and Asda
It has the following features,

  • Push to Shut spring assisted closing system securely locks gate into place
  • Contemporary Wood and Metal Design
  • 4 point Pressure Fit – U shaped power frame provides solid pressure fitting
  • Squeeze and slide down handle for easy one hand opening
  • Extra Wide walkthrough section
  • Triple opening action
  • Double locking option
  • One or two way opening for maximum flexibility
  • Strong steel and natural wood construction
  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Adjusts to fit openings from 75cm to 82cm
  • Can be extended up to 138cm with separate extensions
  • Safety barrier conforms to EN 1930:2011

Now i don't know about you but most gates i have bought in the past have needed  extensions, my stairs also needed these to fit such a wide gap, we got two 7cm extensions as our width of the stairs is 96cm.
They were simple and easy to attach which in turn made the gate easy to install. I, being a woman even managed to do this on my own.... without referring to instructions! (Go me!)

I then let the daughter loose and she wasn't impressed that she was no longer free to climb the stairs! 

To open the gate it is really simple... (even my husband can do it!) You simply just press the black button that i have circled in the picture and push the hinge down, How long this secret will be kept from Alex i'm unsure but for now she hasn't worked it out.

Opening the Gate
So here's the sure Shut Deco up and working at the bottom of our stairs.
I really love it, it does the job and is reasonably priced.
If i could change anything it would be that it would be more visually appealing to have the extenders in the same colour as the Sure Shut Deco Gate.

Sure Shut Deco with extenders
**disclaimer, we were sent this gate for the purpose of the review all thoughts pictures and opinions are my own**
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