Monday, 23 September 2013

Back to school

Well September is here and the boys are back to school, Lorenzo has just started reception and Valentino has just gone into year 3 (juniors...eeek its making me feel old!)
With school back in full swing it also means the boys are once again bringing the dreaded homework home.
I do feel that they tend to get an awful lot for their age and currently Tino is working on a power point presentation, but lucky for me they really enjoy doing it (phew!)
Long may it last i say!

The boys were lucky enough to be sent some new stationary from the people at Stabilo, they received a right handed pen, pencil and a pack of fine liners 
Back to school Stationary

Lorenzo using his right handed pen
Lorenzo hasn't started getting home work yet but he's always keen and wants to be like his brother and get some, so I've started giving him simple things to do like practice writing his name and writing his numbers.

Tino practicing his spellings
Tino has been busy with his spellings, number bonds and reading. Like most kids they were thrilled with their new stationary so it had made the homework more enjoyable, the fine liners are great for doing research for his presentation and i'm glad that hes doing it and enjoying it at the same time.

Do your children get home work, if so how old are they? do you feel that the amount they receive is not enough or too much? 
Id love to know your thoughts.
Mel x 
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