Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bye Bye Dirty Carpets!

With a house of two boys, one husband and a toddler lets face it my cream carpets have taken a fair old battering over the past year or so!
We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test and review a Rug Doctor, i jumped at the chance as i wanted to freshen my carpets up as well as removing the daily dirt!
So the Rug Doctor arrived (Yippie!)

The first place we started was near the front door, as you can imagine this is a high traffic area so it really did put the Rug Doctor to the test!

We have always had a door mat down so you can see the colour difference before we started to clean.

The dirt is slowly starting to lift, after we went over the carpet for the first time, the difference is already starting to show.

This is the difference after going over the area twice with the Rug Doctor!

See above picture that is the dirty water! I can only describe it as like a really watery chocolate milk colour! (gross!)

We then moved onto the living room, now i must admit i didn't really think that the carpet was that dirty in here. Yes we had the odd mark and satin but i didn't for one second expect to see such a noticeable difference! Not only did we see the visual difference but it also brought the carpet back to life, the pile was fluffy and soft again!

Living room almost complete

So the above picture is another great example of a high traffic area, this is just coming out of the kitchen door and in to the dining area. It really has made such a huge difference, don't get me wrong i don't expect miracles but i'm more than happy with the over all result!

Our carpet is a quality thick pile wool and it has defiantly brought some bounce back. We did however have to change the water every ten minutes or so, i'm sure this will depend on the thickness of your carpet, you would be able to cover a bigger surface area if your carpet has a smaller pile. It didn't take long to refill the Rug Doctor and start again mind. I also mixed the cleaning solution with hot water as i wanted to get the best results possible!

You can rent a Rug Doctor from a whole list of retailers, on the Rug Doctor site there is a postcode checker for your nearest Rental Station. Prices may vary so its always best to check and they also do combined offers for the rental and the cleaning solution.

I was really sad to see the Rug Doctor go, if i had the pennies to buy one i would. I will be renting one again that's for sure.
Mel x
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**Disclaimer- We were sent the Rug Doctor for this review all pictures and opinions are my own**

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