Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Joolz Day Studio Gris, review coming soon!

Introducing the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris.

Here's what Joolz have to say in the press release for the Studio collection...

"To get everyone inspired, Joolz has launched two exclusive editions: the Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris, inspired by French romance Crafted with beautiful details, such as a double stitched lining and leatherette, the introduction of this double treat is a perfect way to celebrate the launch of the Joolz Studio collection. But there is more! With the online customisation program a personalised Joolz Day Studio Tailor can be created, with unique colour combinations and materials. You can choose your colour, be creative like a kid and design your personal Joolz Day Studio Tailor!"

Joolz Day Studio Noir
"Crafted with beautiful details and designed to stroll down the boulevard in style, the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris are very Oh La La! With double stitched lining, black wheels and stunning fabrics, this double treat is the first result of the new Joolz Studio platform, a playground where we experiment with new colours, materials and concepts. Inspired by French romance, the leatherette handle and bumper bar, and the fabric interior are decorated with detailed double stitched lining. The fashionable black Joolz Day Studio Noir and the reversed-denim Studio Gris come complete with a chassis, cot, seat, shopping basket and rain cover. The nursery bag, footmuff and parasol are available in matching colours. Bon voyage! The Joolz Day Studio Noir and Studio Gris will be available from September 2013. The RRP is £ 749,00."

Joolz Day Studio Gris
Now for you lovelies that are following me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook you will have probably noticed that i have been sent a Joolz Day Studio Gris for review! (woooohoooo!!!!)

Now its only been here for a few days but I've already taken some quick snaps on my phone and added them to my social networks, i will of course be writing a full review with some quality pictures (from my DSLR) once we have had this little beauty for a few weeks :)

So here you are, my snaps so far!

                   Beautiful attention to detail with the stitching on the leatherette handle bar
Close up of the handlebar
Hood and stitching detail
Gris Hood detail 

Bumper bar and seat unit detail
Bumper Bar
Sleek chassis 

Studio Gris Parasol and seat
Gris Parasol
Its beautiful isn't it?
I have had a Joolz back in't day, and i must say they have made some great improvements.

Parents in the school playground have been eyeing up the Studio Gris with a few that have expressing some interest and wanting to know more.
I went to visit my gran and i'm afraid to say she's in love with it, but i will add that later to my review.... (granny's seal of approval is always a good one!) 

So here's my chief tester Alexandra out for a stroll with mummy and daddy (& her bunny!)....

I cant wait to share with you how we've been getting on with the Joolz Day Studio, and share our experience!

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Mel x
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