Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Swimming A skill for life!

So i tweeted last week about how swimming training is back in full swing after the summer holidays.
The summer brought a welcome break for Valentino but it did include lots of fun in the pool on holiday.
Hes been having lessons with our local amateur swimming club since he was 5 years old and before they finished for summer he was told that he would be moving up into the "big pool"
We were thrilled at this news as we knew that he had done it, he had learnt to swim!
So last week training began, hes in the big pool now and to be honest i think it was a bit of a shock... No more fun splashing around in the pool but lengths, and lengths and more lengths.

I'm really proud of him and i hope he keeps it up, but more importantly i hope he continues to enjoy it.
It really is a skill for life and i will make sure all my children have the opportunity to learn to swim, who knows he may even want to compete in galas one day!
Mel x

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