Sunday, 15 September 2013

Water Bobble Review

I received a really awesome looking water bottle and jug from Bobble, this was a brand that i had only just stumbled across during a shopping trip in York at BHS. 
I was really thrilled to receive one as i love new products, water bottles i find they tend to get stolen by the kids or the husband so when my bright pink bobble and jug landed on my door step i couldn't wait to get using it. 
Bobble isn't a new brand or product in fact they are just new to the UK, I had a look on instagram and sure enough the bobble popped up! 
Bobble launched back in 2010 in the USA and is now available in 36+ countries.

So here's it is... 

Bobble jug and water bottle
So what is bobble and what makes it different from any other water bottle out there?

Well in a nutshell is a pretty good looking water bottle. It holds 550ml and retails at £8.99, with the added filter system,  i was slightly skeptic if the filter would make any difference to the normal tap water but i must admit i'm pleasantly surprised and it does taste like bottled mineral water. The filter on the bottle lasts approximately 300 fills of the bottle and replacement filter retailing at £5.99
Various colours available
The Bobble jug holds 2 litre and retails at £17.99. It works exactly the same as the bobble bottle with the unique filtration system, the filter should be replaced every 2 months or 100 litre = 50 fills. A replacement filter for the jug retail at £7.49

I love the overall look and feel of the jug and unlike other water filter systems out there is it really compact and fits perfectly in the fridge door (see pic below)
Bobble Jug Magenta

We have been using the Jug every day, at meal times it comes out of the fridge and sits on the table, the kids love having really cold water and the design of the jug makes it really easy for them to pour. 
All Bobble products are BPA free and 100% recyclable

My Bobble Jug and Bottle in the the fridge door
I love to take the Bobble with me when we go shopping and my daughter Alex uses it and doesn't end up getting wet unlike other sports cap style bottles.

Bobble Jug shopping with me and Alex
We will be continuing to use our Bobble Jug and Bottle and the boys have already asked me for one each in there favorite colours!
To find out more about Bobble and a full list of retailers check out the Bobble website
They have just launched Bobble sport and there is a whole host of other products including accessories.

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*Disclaimer we were sent the products for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own*

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