Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bugaboo, Andy Warhol, Wool collection and a Buffalo AW13 Launch *new products*

Today we headed to Leeds to meet Bugaboo and see the latest in their ever growing collection including the new Buffalo, Andy Warhol fabrics and the luxurious wool collection.
Bugaboo has always been one of my favorite brands due to the constant simplicity of the construction, innovative design, functionality and customization options.

Today Bugaboo had a Bee on display with the new Andy Warhol Happy Bugs fabric and i must admit it stole my heart!
This limited addition fabric is sure to be soon a sell out and is available for both the Donkey and the Cameleon3 as well as the Bee with the beautiful additions of a baby cocoon and a footmuff 

Bugaboo Bee Andy Warhol Happy Bugs

Happy Bugs Bee
Happy Bugs Baby Cocoon

Happy Bugs Cameleon3
Happy Bugs universal Footmuff

Happy Bugs Donkey

This is the second launch (AW13) of Bugaboo’s multi-year collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation The “Happy Bugs” Collection is based on vivid artwork from the 1950’s.

This "Happy Bugs" collection will be launched in November 2013, and will be available in-store worldwide

Recommended Retail Price:
• Bugaboo Cameleon3 “Happy Bugs” Tailored Fabric Set, £149.95 / euro169.95
• Bugaboo Bee “Happy Bugs” Sun Canopy, £99.95 / euro 109.95
• Bugaboo Donkey “Happy Bugs” Tailored Fabric Set, £149.95 / Euro169.95
• Bugaboo Donkey “Happy Bugs” Sun Canopy, £99.95 / EURO 109.95
• Bugaboo “Happy Bugs” Footmuff £129.00 / EURO 150.00
• Bugaboo “Happy Bugs” Baby Cocoon, £94.95 / EURO119.95

Introducing Bugaboo's brand new stroller the Buffalo 
Bugaboo Buffalo
New to the Bugaboo family the buffalo is a gorgeous new all terrain pushchair, to me this little beauty has taken some of the key aspects of both the ever popular Cameleon and the versatility and looks of the Donkey  
The Bugaboo Buffalo is both versatile and robust with is big chunky front wheels for "off roading" or county walks.
The Buffalo has a great one piece fold, it has a parent or world facing seat unit and an amazing sized hood! 
Buffalo's amazing hood 
Buffalo one piece fold with seat unit

Buffalo is both strong and functional that can carry a maximum of 39kg. The seat unit alone will hold up to 23kg you can also add 10kg to the shopping basket and hang a bugaboo changing bag up to 6kg! 
This is really impressive and i'm also loving the size of the shopping basket, its huge! big enough to carry the kids lunch boxes, book bags and a few bits from the shop on the school run! (love love love the basket... can you tell?)
Buffalo in newborn carrycot mode
The buffalo launched in store September 2013 with the retail of £859

Bugaboo Wool Collection

Bugaboo Cameleon3 with wool collection

Bugaboo has just launched Wool Accessories, including an easy-to-wash Bugaboo Wool Seat Liner that is reversible. 
This i have just seen and i can vouch that it is truly beautiful, its so soft and simply luxurious! The Woolmark certified materials has 100% pure new wool on one side and grey melange knitted cotton jersey on the other. 

Seat liner wool side up
Seat liner Grey Melange side up
Many people are unaware that wool, as a natural material regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, warms you in winter and cools in summer. Which in turn means parents can keep their children well protected and comfortable all year round. (It feels like your Ugg boots when you first bought them! )

The Blankets, once again stunning and so soft they come in the colours Ivory, Grey Melange and Rose and are super sunggly, they are 100% extra fine Merino wool and just simply scrumptious!
Grey Melange
The Seat Liner retails at £89.95 and the blankets are £89.95 both are available in store from October 2013

Id like to thank Bugaboo to inviting me to #bugabooontour and if you want to keep up to date remember to follow bugaboo on facebook for the latest information and products.
Also check out Bugaboo.com

*Disclaimer i have not been paid by bugaboo to write this post i was invited to an event and chose to write about the latest products for my readers*

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