Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stop Smoking with Boots.

So as a smoker (yes i just admitted it!) I have often struggled and found it hard to stop, i have stopped in the past but during times of stress, this in turn has caused me to lapse and start again :( Bad i know and i wished i hadn't but such is life!
I was invited to attend my local Boots to try the new smoke less service which provides a support system to guide you on your way to kicking the habit once and for all.

I attended my Boots stop smoking consultation, i chatted and talked about my smoking habits, why i wanted to stop and the options that are available to me.
I have in the past tried Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) but unfortunately they either didn't work... like the inhalators or caused me irritation like the patches. I am keen to get back on the Champpix (Varenicline) but as this is a prescription only drug i do need to go see my GP or smoking nurse at my surgery.
Boots are offering a whole host of support, not only for quitting but also to aid you in cutting down. For more information please check out Boots Smoking Control Service. I did find my consultation really helpful and although my chosen option for quitting is currently not available in store it has defiantly given me the much needed kick up the bum to get the wheels in motion and kick this habit once and for all!
Good luck to anyone who is thinking and wanting to quit, it is hard but i know for a fact it can be done!

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*Disclaimer i have not been paid for this post but i did attend a boots smoke less consultation at my local store and i did receive a goody bag of treats to aid me in my journey to quitting*

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