Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My little people's achievements

Last week our house was defiantly full of achievements with the kids, as i mentioned a few weeks back with Tino and swimming he didn't get his 50 metre badge well this week it was the second week of his swimming clubs gala. Last week he had one race, breaststroke and he didn't qualify for a medal but this week it was different.
He had two races this week and his first stroke was backstroke, this was my own personal favorite in my swimming gala days, my little Tino swam his heart our and came fifth out of ten. He was absolutely thrilled , i was also so happy as i could see in his little face that he was over the moon.
His second race was freestyle and he came sixth, so he manage to scoop two medals.

Tino with his meadals

Lorenzo, who has just started school in September is settling in beautifully, he often comes home and fills me with stories of him and his friends and what they have been doing. Last week Lorenzo was ecstatic to bring home his "star of the week" award for "some amazing building outdoors" I am so happy at how Lorenzo is getting on at school and i love that he is so hands on an such a happy character.

Enzo star of the week
So this post was dedicated to my little people, keep up the good work, your both doing great!
Love Mummy x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Heat Holders Giveaway

I have Two pairs of Heat Holders socks to giveaway retailing at £9.99, perfect for cold winter days!
I have tried Heat Holders myself and i must admit they made me feet pretty toasty! Unlike other types of thick socks they maintained heat and didn't make my feet sweat so they then go cold, the super soft inner is so fluffy and feels great on your feet. They boast a 2.3 tog rating that is over 7 times warmer than a basic cotton sock, they kept my feet toasty and warm all day long.

Heat Holder socks

Super soft Brushed Inner

To win one of the two pairs up for grabs simply fill in the rafflecopter below and if your a lucky winner i shall be in touch.
Good Luck and stay warm.
Mel x

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Organix Mighty Meals

With winter upon us, now is the perfect time to get something warm and nutritious into our little people.
Organix have an amazing range called Mighty Meals for children aged 1-3 years.
Mighty Meals and Soups are
 "packed full of chunky, organic and wholesome ingredients and include tasty recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles."
A selection of the range
We received the selection above from the Organix range that included the Mighty Meals, Mighty Soups and snacks from the Goodies range.

Although home made food is the way we roll in our house, i do always have a few tins of baby food in the house, and i always have at least one in my changing bag for a "just in case" moment!

What really struck me about Organix Mighty Meals is how they differed from tinned baby food and looked more like adults microwave meals.
I tried this one whilst hubby was at work and her brothers were at school, i rarely eat lunch but Alex usually has a sandwich and some fruit.
Mighty Lamb Hotpot
So above is a Hearty Veg, Bean and Lamb Hotpot.
Now Mighty Meals can be served cold or placed in a pan of simmering water for ten minutes or how i heated them, in the microwave. Simply pierce the clear film heat on full power (850W) for 40 seconds. (easy peasy!)
Cooked Lamb hotpot
After the 40 seconds was up i removed the film lid and gave it a good stir and into a bowl and straight to the table. (Always check the temperature before serving!)
She really seemed to enjoy it, the portion size is fairly generous for an 18 month old so although she didn't eat it all i was more than happy with the amount she did eat.

Mighty Chicken Korma
Here's another meal and i must say she really wolfed this one down! Me and the hubby and kids had a curry so i decided i would give Alex her own Mighty Vegetable and Chicken Korma.
I was pleased that she was having the same meal as us but in a more baby friendly way, as we do like some spice in our curries.
The consistency of Mighty Mighty meals i feel is just right, its not runny and sloppy and does have some great textures with the chunky bits of veg.  

Alex enjoying some Goodies, organic raisins and apples, shes very happy to sit there and eat them and i really like that they are good for her and also help develop fine motor skills by picking up little raisins. 
Overall Alex seems to really enjoy the Organix range so i would defiantly get them again. Organic, healthy food, No Junk, that is also gluten free for on the go and for busy parents that sometimes need a quick fix in the kitchen!

Organix also want to give parents as much support and advice as possible so on our website you’ll find our weaning guide, meal planners and lots of delicious recipes for babies and toddlers for every stage of their weaning journey.

Organix Mighty Meals (RRP £1.99, weight 200g) are available in a selection major retailers and online via Amazon and
Organix Mighty Soups (RRP £1.69, weight 200g) are available in a selection major retailers and also available online via the Organix Shop (

**Disclaimer, i was sent a selection of the organix range for an honest review, all pictures thoughts and opinions are my own**

Friday, 15 November 2013

Win a Personal Planner

A while back i created my own Personal Planner as shown below.

I really love this diary as it is a unique as me :) The great thing is you can change the layout, colour, design and almost everything you can think of.
You can also add important dates such as birthdays and anniversary's so no more forgetful moments!
With Christmas just round the corner Personal Planner have given me a voucher for a lucky reader to giveaway so you can design your own planner.
Simply enter the Rafflecopter below and don't forget to tell me..

 "If you won who would you give the personal planner to and why do you think they need it?"

Good Luck :)
Mel x

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Buffy my Bugaboo Buffalo has landed!

So as you probably know last month I headed to Leeds and met the lovely people from Bugaboo for the #discoverthebuffalo #bugabooontour tour, if you missed my post check it out here.

Since then i've had an urge!.... (not for more But a niggling little urge telling me i need to get myself Alexandra a new set of wheels! So after a few day/nights i decided that it i MUST get one, so i sold my Xplory and purchased this little beauty!

Meet Buffy, my new addition, a brand spanking new Bugaboo Buffalo!
Gorgeous isn't she?? (I do love boxes!)

I ordered her direct from bugaboo's web shop on Wednesday morning, i got an email at around tea time same day to say she had been dispatched and was heading to her new home... aka my house :)
She was en route from Germany so i expected to see her on Monday at the earliest....

Friday my door bell rang and it was the slightly ditsy young parcel force driver, i must admit when he brought her of the van i squealed! Like really squealed, like an 10 year old at a one direction concert... Yeah i think he thought i had lost the plot but hey two days! TWO flipping days and she was here.... This I did not expect!!! 
I cant actually believe how fast the service was, i did go and check out my local store who advised me of a 4-5 week wait for a Buffalo from Bugaboo! (I don't do waiting) 

So as with other posts i decided i'm going to do a video, Yay i hear you say.... a geeky unboxing video!! 
So here it is!

TA DA.... Meet Buffy..

Side View 

Front view world facing mode
I couldn't decide on what fabric colour to choose so as with any decisions in my life i asked my followers on Facebook and the general consensus was to go with petrol blue.
I am so glad that i did as i had my Cameleon in pink and also my Xplory so i felt i needed a change.
One thing that really sold the Buffalo to me it the one piece fold, its great as it fits straight in the car, so i can get it out and pop it straight up. (no messing)

One piece fold
Like the Cameleon you can also have it in two piece fold and it is slightly smaller, smaller still if you remove the rear wheels, but only by a bit so to me i wouldn't bother personally.

Two piece fold
Buffy's super cute blanket

So now shes built i can wait to get out and put Buffy through her paces! First stop was Dalby Forest, so far so good. I shall do an in depth review soon also with the High Performance Foot muff as its simply amazing!!!
Buffy at Dalby Forest

Buffy at Dalby Forest

Speak soon and i cant wait to tell you about our travels with Buffy! 
Mel x

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rubik's cube challenge number 2

Challenge two is upon me! Complete the cube in under 20 minutes whilst distracted.... well i must say from the start of the Rubik's challenge i have constantly been distracted what with this kids, the husband, the house work, the swimming and cubs runs I've really struggled to find quiet Rubik's time. Maybe i should hide in the bathroom??? 
oh wait people still find me in there! 

I did in fact complete the cube but with instructions and having a look at YouTube videos so i thought i would try and memorize the sequences to do it again whilst....

yep you guessed it watching the soaps! 

A girl cant miss her soaps but i was also trying to solve the cube using the algorhythm. 
It didn't fair well to be honest and i did end up having to resort to instructions! 
I shall keep at it but i am finding it hard with out relaying on instructions! :(
Till the next challenge!
Mel x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Baba & Boo - Cloth Nappy Review

I have recently ventured into the world of cloth bums for Alexandra, i'm not using cloth full time and do use disposables for when i'm out and about.
I started to fall in love with cloth as lets face it they look so cute!
I love how simple and easy cloth can be and to be honest people always mention about the washing and overall care of cloth and how it must be harder work than a disposable.
Yes you do have to wash cloth, i cant just throw them in the bin, however with five of us in the house my washing machine is on at least once more often than not twice a day!
So when i received a reusable to try from Baba&Boo and i couldn't wait to get it pre-washed and used!
So this is what arrived....

I was sent a Strawberry blossom pocket nappy with two micro fibre inserts. This nappy retails at £9.25 and is available here
As with any reusable nappy pre-washing is a huge massive must to boost absorbency, I pre-washed the nappy at 40 degrees for at least three times.

Two inserts and nappy

Micro fibre inserts
The two micro fibre inserts are great quality, they are super soft and have plenty of thickness.

Nappy ready to use with both inserts inserted

Here is little Alex putting her nappy to the test!

We found the overall fit of the nappy to be great and with it having plenty of poppers on the front this really helped to get a close fit but not over tight. Even around Alex's legs the nappy felt really snug but didn't leave any nasty red marks.

Detail of the poppers
Baba&Boo Logo

I have found with using both Micro Fibre inserts Alex can remain dry for around 5 hours during the day. She has even been using this nappy to sleep in and not waking up wet so it can do a full 12 hours at night time. (This will vary from child to child)
The nappy does look bulkier than a disposable, as will most cloth nappies but its not the biggest i have tried even with both boosters in.
I really love the quality and feel of the Baba&Boo reusable nappies and i am more than pleased with the quality of the boosters, they do some fantastic deigns and i'm afraid it has made me want to buy more to add to my ever growing cloth stash!
If your new to cloth or a dab hand i would defiantly recommend you give them a whirl!

Mel x

*disclaimer- I received this product for an honest review, all thoughts opinions and pictures are my own *
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Im a Rubik's cuber in training!

So to celebrate the the UK hosting its annual Rubik's championships on the 16-17th November me and a selected few bloggers are going to be taking part in our own personal challenge.

Yesterday i received this my kit to get me started!

Rubik's cubes at the ready! 

My cube!
In my kit are three blue envelopes! so today i could open envelope number 1.
Here's my challenge.....
"Solve the cube in under 20 minutes"

I have three days to complete my first challenge! Wish me luck, i'm really going to need it.
Enough chitter chatter, its time to get some practice in and watch some video tutorials on YouTube and

Freesat+ Humax box with Freetime

We were recently selected by mumsnet to review freesat with freetime.
I was thrilled to take on the challenge and see what freesat is like and how we would find it!

We have previously had a full subscription package with a provider costing in excess of £50 per month. We had the full package minus the sports channels, but in recent times we knocked it on the head just because of the cost. We were wanting to cut down on bills, save money and if i'm honest with all the channels most of them we didn't even use.

At first we missed it.... well the kids did more, especially Lorenzo as he wanted to watch his Micky mouse channel.

I mainly missed the recording feature and series link.

So when the Freesat+ HD with Freetime box arrived we couldn't wait to get it up and running. the box we received is a  HUMAX HDR-1000S 500gb.

So this is the the humax freesat box looks like.

Here's what they have to say: "Hello. We're freesat. We believe you shouldn't have to pay a monthly subscription to watch and listen to 180 channels of the best comedy, drama, sport, lifestyle, music and news. We offer free HD services from ITV, the BBC and Channel 4; freesat+ to record pause and rewind, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand5; and all subscription free."

We found installation of the freesat box to be really easy, the hubby plugged it in and connected it to our wifi.
Humax freesat+

In the box it contains the freesat box, power supply, remote (with batteries!) and a HDMI cable.
It of course comes with some instructions and warranty information.

Whats in the box.

TV Guide menu

This is what the freesat TV guide looks like, in the top right hand corner the live channel that you are currently watching whilst browsing the TV guide menu. It also lists on the left hand side the different genre available including radio and on demand.

Channel options menu

When you select the program that you are watching you also get a list of options that are available such as audio options, record, and watch in HD.

Earlier today menu

If you press to the left on the remote it also give you an option of seeing what was on earlier and even if you haven't recorded it, if its available on on demand you can watch it... great if you missed a program.

 Pausing the freesat is really simple, then just press play to pick up where you left off.

My recordings

Now my favorite bit, recordings. With a busy house i don't really watch a lot of TV but chances are i'm usually running around after children when something i want to watch is on! I can add the programs i want to my recording list and with the Humax box we have 500GB approximately 250 hours worth of recording, now that's a lot of Xfactor or Corrie!!

On demand

The on Demand is another one of my favorite features, second to the recording. If i forget to set a program to record this is where i come next.

On demand showcase

The menu is really simple and easy to use, and i can watch it on the TV rather than a tablet or computer. 

Freesat with freetime did take me a few days to get used to, especially navigating around the software as they do have a few ways of doing the same thing so at first i did find this slightly confusing. The remote also has buttons that when pressed make a "clicking" sound, slightly annoying at first but i think I've got used to it now.

Freesat is a subscription free service and Freesat+ boxes are available to buy from a range of retailers - RRP from £226. Although this initial outlay isn't the cheapest it will defiantly save ££ in the long run! 
Freesat+ does what we want it to and more so i'm really happy with it, the children took to using it like a duck to water, so no problems there! 

If you are thinking of trying freesat yourselves and ditching a hefty priced subscription service i would defiantly recommend  freesat+ with freetime. 

Humax are offering you my lovely readers an exclusive discount code to purchase a 500GB Humax Freesat+ box  for £199, a saving of £30. Just enter the code: FT30 when ordering.

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent
bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for
Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and
retain full editorial integrity.

Mel x

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