Monday, 11 November 2013

Baba & Boo - Cloth Nappy Review

I have recently ventured into the world of cloth bums for Alexandra, i'm not using cloth full time and do use disposables for when i'm out and about.
I started to fall in love with cloth as lets face it they look so cute!
I love how simple and easy cloth can be and to be honest people always mention about the washing and overall care of cloth and how it must be harder work than a disposable.
Yes you do have to wash cloth, i cant just throw them in the bin, however with five of us in the house my washing machine is on at least once more often than not twice a day!
So when i received a reusable to try from Baba&Boo and i couldn't wait to get it pre-washed and used!
So this is what arrived....

I was sent a Strawberry blossom pocket nappy with two micro fibre inserts. This nappy retails at £9.25 and is available here
As with any reusable nappy pre-washing is a huge massive must to boost absorbency, I pre-washed the nappy at 40 degrees for at least three times.

Two inserts and nappy

Micro fibre inserts
The two micro fibre inserts are great quality, they are super soft and have plenty of thickness.

Nappy ready to use with both inserts inserted

Here is little Alex putting her nappy to the test!

We found the overall fit of the nappy to be great and with it having plenty of poppers on the front this really helped to get a close fit but not over tight. Even around Alex's legs the nappy felt really snug but didn't leave any nasty red marks.

Detail of the poppers
Baba&Boo Logo

I have found with using both Micro Fibre inserts Alex can remain dry for around 5 hours during the day. She has even been using this nappy to sleep in and not waking up wet so it can do a full 12 hours at night time. (This will vary from child to child)
The nappy does look bulkier than a disposable, as will most cloth nappies but its not the biggest i have tried even with both boosters in.
I really love the quality and feel of the Baba&Boo reusable nappies and i am more than pleased with the quality of the boosters, they do some fantastic deigns and i'm afraid it has made me want to buy more to add to my ever growing cloth stash!
If your new to cloth or a dab hand i would defiantly recommend you give them a whirl!

Mel x

*disclaimer- I received this product for an honest review, all thoughts opinions and pictures are my own *
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