Thursday, 14 November 2013

Buffy my Bugaboo Buffalo has landed!

So as you probably know last month I headed to Leeds and met the lovely people from Bugaboo for the #discoverthebuffalo #bugabooontour tour, if you missed my post check it out here.

Since then i've had an urge!.... (not for more But a niggling little urge telling me i need to get myself Alexandra a new set of wheels! So after a few day/nights i decided that it i MUST get one, so i sold my Xplory and purchased this little beauty!

Meet Buffy, my new addition, a brand spanking new Bugaboo Buffalo!
Gorgeous isn't she?? (I do love boxes!)

I ordered her direct from bugaboo's web shop on Wednesday morning, i got an email at around tea time same day to say she had been dispatched and was heading to her new home... aka my house :)
She was en route from Germany so i expected to see her on Monday at the earliest....

Friday my door bell rang and it was the slightly ditsy young parcel force driver, i must admit when he brought her of the van i squealed! Like really squealed, like an 10 year old at a one direction concert... Yeah i think he thought i had lost the plot but hey two days! TWO flipping days and she was here.... This I did not expect!!! 
I cant actually believe how fast the service was, i did go and check out my local store who advised me of a 4-5 week wait for a Buffalo from Bugaboo! (I don't do waiting) 

So as with other posts i decided i'm going to do a video, Yay i hear you say.... a geeky unboxing video!! 
So here it is!

TA DA.... Meet Buffy..

Side View 

Front view world facing mode
I couldn't decide on what fabric colour to choose so as with any decisions in my life i asked my followers on Facebook and the general consensus was to go with petrol blue.
I am so glad that i did as i had my Cameleon in pink and also my Xplory so i felt i needed a change.
One thing that really sold the Buffalo to me it the one piece fold, its great as it fits straight in the car, so i can get it out and pop it straight up. (no messing)

One piece fold
Like the Cameleon you can also have it in two piece fold and it is slightly smaller, smaller still if you remove the rear wheels, but only by a bit so to me i wouldn't bother personally.

Two piece fold
Buffy's super cute blanket

So now shes built i can wait to get out and put Buffy through her paces! First stop was Dalby Forest, so far so good. I shall do an in depth review soon also with the High Performance Foot muff as its simply amazing!!!
Buffy at Dalby Forest

Buffy at Dalby Forest

Speak soon and i cant wait to tell you about our travels with Buffy! 
Mel x

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