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Freesat+ Humax box with Freetime

We were recently selected by mumsnet to review freesat with freetime.
I was thrilled to take on the challenge and see what freesat is like and how we would find it!

We have previously had a full subscription package with a provider costing in excess of £50 per month. We had the full package minus the sports channels, but in recent times we knocked it on the head just because of the cost. We were wanting to cut down on bills, save money and if i'm honest with all the channels most of them we didn't even use.

At first we missed it.... well the kids did more, especially Lorenzo as he wanted to watch his Micky mouse channel.

I mainly missed the recording feature and series link.

So when the Freesat+ HD with Freetime box arrived we couldn't wait to get it up and running. the box we received is a  HUMAX HDR-1000S 500gb.

So this is the the humax freesat box looks like.

Here's what they have to say: "Hello. We're freesat. We believe you shouldn't have to pay a monthly subscription to watch and listen to 180 channels of the best comedy, drama, sport, lifestyle, music and news. We offer free HD services from ITV, the BBC and Channel 4; freesat+ to record pause and rewind, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand5; and all subscription free."

We found installation of the freesat box to be really easy, the hubby plugged it in and connected it to our wifi.
Humax freesat+

In the box it contains the freesat box, power supply, remote (with batteries!) and a HDMI cable.
It of course comes with some instructions and warranty information.

Whats in the box.

TV Guide menu

This is what the freesat TV guide looks like, in the top right hand corner the live channel that you are currently watching whilst browsing the TV guide menu. It also lists on the left hand side the different genre available including radio and on demand.

Channel options menu

When you select the program that you are watching you also get a list of options that are available such as audio options, record, and watch in HD.

Earlier today menu

If you press to the left on the remote it also give you an option of seeing what was on earlier and even if you haven't recorded it, if its available on on demand you can watch it... great if you missed a program.

 Pausing the freesat is really simple, then just press play to pick up where you left off.

My recordings

Now my favorite bit, recordings. With a busy house i don't really watch a lot of TV but chances are i'm usually running around after children when something i want to watch is on! I can add the programs i want to my recording list and with the Humax box we have 500GB approximately 250 hours worth of recording, now that's a lot of Xfactor or Corrie!!

On demand

The on Demand is another one of my favorite features, second to the recording. If i forget to set a program to record this is where i come next.

On demand showcase

The menu is really simple and easy to use, and i can watch it on the TV rather than a tablet or computer. 

Freesat with freetime did take me a few days to get used to, especially navigating around the software as they do have a few ways of doing the same thing so at first i did find this slightly confusing. The remote also has buttons that when pressed make a "clicking" sound, slightly annoying at first but i think I've got used to it now.

Freesat is a subscription free service and Freesat+ boxes are available to buy from a range of retailers - RRP from £226. Although this initial outlay isn't the cheapest it will defiantly save ££ in the long run! 
Freesat+ does what we want it to and more so i'm really happy with it, the children took to using it like a duck to water, so no problems there! 

If you are thinking of trying freesat yourselves and ditching a hefty priced subscription service i would defiantly recommend  freesat+ with freetime. 

Humax are offering you my lovely readers an exclusive discount code to purchase a 500GB Humax Freesat+ box  for £199, a saving of £30. Just enter the code: FT30 when ordering.

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