Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween 2013

So Halloween has been and gone for this year but i thought id share some pictures of my scary kiddie winks..... and mother!
The Husband was busy working day shift so me and the minis took to the car and headed for mummy's house in York.
Mother tends to get a tiny bit excited for Halloween so beware you will see her in her finest!
Mother looking relatively normal lol 
We had great fun, mother put on a little tea party for the minis with her home made cup cakes and later on we had a bash pumpkin carving.

Tino and Lorenzo eating 
Skelly Enzo keeping an eye on the cakes!
Valentino looking spooky about to tuck in
Alex, Enzo and Tino
Enzo decorating his pumpkin
Alex running away from her brothers
Mums spooky Cakes!
Alex, mum and Enzo
Alex helping to carve that pumpkin!
The Scary Bunch!

We later headed back home and waited for the husband to finish work. We then went trick or treating in our village, followed by a hot dog dinner with cake and scary Halloween spiders! 
We hope you have a great Halloween and would love to see your scary pictures! 

Scary Spiders
Halloween Cake
Mel x

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