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Joolz Day Studio Gris Review.

Joolz Day Studio Gris

So as you know from my previous post i have been using the all new Joolz Day Studio in colour Gris.
I was sent the Studio Gris to review so here is what we thought..

First impressions
Now I haven't been keen previously on leatherette handlebars and bumper bars but this soon changed. I felt they did give the stroller a more luxurious look and feel and they did defiantly compliment the Gris colour.
Double stitched leatherette handle bar 

The colour Gris i can only describe as a reverse denim. I feel it is both a great choice for both girls and boys and the fabric still looks new (yes i do let my daughter eat in her pram!)
The handle bar adjusts to a great height fantastic for us tall mummies!
Another thing that i love about the Gris is the size of the wheels and the all round suspension... but i shall talk about that later.

Using the Gris
I have pretty much used the Gris constantly since it arrived on my doorstep, I've taken it to the baby show in Manchester, its been on long bumpy walks, school runs and been round shopping centers.
One thing I have really enjoyed is how smooth the ride has been, its been so easy to push, a breeze to go up and down kerbs and the all round suspension defiantly gave my daughter a truly comfortable ride!
The Gris fitted in my car perfectly with plenty of room for shopping and all the extras you seem to carry around with three children and a husband in tow! I didn't need to take the rear wheels off but if i did this, it of course made the overall fold smaller.
Joolz in a Vauxhall Vectra boot

I did find it hard to detach the seat unit from the chassis but was hoping this was the case due to the Joolz being new.

Rectangular button to detach the seat

The Good Points
  • Lockable front wheels.
  • Air filled rear wheels.
  • Fantastic suspension.
  • Easy to adjust handle bar.
  • Gate opening bumper bar.
  • Seat size is very generous (perfect for taller babies)
  • Adjustable foot rest (very generous in size)
  • Rain cover easy to use with great coverage.
  • Forward and parent facing.
  • One piece fold
  • Under seat shopping bag max load 3kg

The Not So Good Points
  • Detaching the seat unit was very difficult, i was hoping this would get better over time but i'm afraid to say it didn't. My gran couldn't do it all and even the husband struggled with it at times.
  • The chassis doesn't lock into place when folded, its not a huge issue but when getting the Joolz in and out of the car it did make the chassis slightly harder to handle as the front wheels flapped about.
  • No one handed recline, this would make such a great difference as once again the buttons were difficult to press and if you are out on a walk you have to stop and stand at the side of the Joolz to recline the seat unit.
One piece fold

Shopping basket

Inside of the shopping basket

Mesh ventilation hood 

Lay flat recline

Front view of the Gris
Over all round up.

Over all i did really love using the Joolz Day Studio Gris, it felt so strong and sturdy and the suspension was great for my little Alex, i found it really nippy and smooth to push, its so so simple to steer!!

Out on a stroll

As said above the buttons to detach the pram were really stiff and i really did struggle to detach the seat unit. 
The hood is a decent size but i would love to see this bigger so that when the stroller is in a lay flat position it give the baby more coverage from the sun. Parasols are available but i'm not a parasol person as i always seem to fight with them and they tend to get in the way (personal preference i know!)
I would certainly have a Joolz pram as its so easy to use, they are not a common pram that you will find littering your local high street.
The fact they are dutch is also a real selling point for me as i am a tall mummy 5ft10 and i do like to have my handle bar pretty high, i find this easier to push that a stroller that i have to stoop over!
I have absolutely loved having the Joolz here for review, I've been using it daily and i will be sad to see it go.
Snug on the school run

If you have any questions or comments about the Joolz Day Studio Gris please let me know and i will try my best to answer them so drop me a comment below. 

For more information on the Joolz range please visit

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