Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My little people's achievements

Last week our house was defiantly full of achievements with the kids, as i mentioned a few weeks back with Tino and swimming he didn't get his 50 metre badge well this week it was the second week of his swimming clubs gala. Last week he had one race, breaststroke and he didn't qualify for a medal but this week it was different.
He had two races this week and his first stroke was backstroke, this was my own personal favorite in my swimming gala days, my little Tino swam his heart our and came fifth out of ten. He was absolutely thrilled , i was also so happy as i could see in his little face that he was over the moon.
His second race was freestyle and he came sixth, so he manage to scoop two medals.

Tino with his meadals

Lorenzo, who has just started school in September is settling in beautifully, he often comes home and fills me with stories of him and his friends and what they have been doing. Last week Lorenzo was ecstatic to bring home his "star of the week" award for "some amazing building outdoors" I am so happy at how Lorenzo is getting on at school and i love that he is so hands on an such a happy character.

Enzo star of the week
So this post was dedicated to my little people, keep up the good work, your both doing great!
Love Mummy x

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