Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Organix Mighty Meals

With winter upon us, now is the perfect time to get something warm and nutritious into our little people.
Organix have an amazing range called Mighty Meals for children aged 1-3 years.
Mighty Meals and Soups are
 "packed full of chunky, organic and wholesome ingredients and include tasty recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles."
A selection of the range
We received the selection above from the Organix range that included the Mighty Meals, Mighty Soups and snacks from the Goodies range.

Although home made food is the way we roll in our house, i do always have a few tins of baby food in the house, and i always have at least one in my changing bag for a "just in case" moment!

What really struck me about Organix Mighty Meals is how they differed from tinned baby food and looked more like adults microwave meals.
I tried this one whilst hubby was at work and her brothers were at school, i rarely eat lunch but Alex usually has a sandwich and some fruit.
Mighty Lamb Hotpot
So above is a Hearty Veg, Bean and Lamb Hotpot.
Now Mighty Meals can be served cold or placed in a pan of simmering water for ten minutes or how i heated them, in the microwave. Simply pierce the clear film heat on full power (850W) for 40 seconds. (easy peasy!)
Cooked Lamb hotpot
After the 40 seconds was up i removed the film lid and gave it a good stir and into a bowl and straight to the table. (Always check the temperature before serving!)
She really seemed to enjoy it, the portion size is fairly generous for an 18 month old so although she didn't eat it all i was more than happy with the amount she did eat.

Mighty Chicken Korma
Here's another meal and i must say she really wolfed this one down! Me and the hubby and kids had a curry so i decided i would give Alex her own Mighty Vegetable and Chicken Korma.
I was pleased that she was having the same meal as us but in a more baby friendly way, as we do like some spice in our curries.
The consistency of Mighty Mighty meals i feel is just right, its not runny and sloppy and does have some great textures with the chunky bits of veg.  

Alex enjoying some Goodies, organic raisins and apples, shes very happy to sit there and eat them and i really like that they are good for her and also help develop fine motor skills by picking up little raisins. 
Overall Alex seems to really enjoy the Organix range so i would defiantly get them again. Organic, healthy food, No Junk, that is also gluten free for on the go and for busy parents that sometimes need a quick fix in the kitchen!

Organix also want to give parents as much support and advice as possible so on our website you’ll find our weaning guide, meal planners and lots of delicious recipes for babies and toddlers for every stage of their weaning journey.

Organix Mighty Meals (RRP £1.99, weight 200g) are available in a selection major retailers and online via Amazon and http://www.organix-shop.co.uk
Organix Mighty Soups (RRP £1.69, weight 200g) are available in a selection major retailers and also available online via the Organix Shop (http://www.organix-shop.co.uk)

**Disclaimer, i was sent a selection of the organix range for an honest review, all pictures thoughts and opinions are my own**

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