Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rubik's cube challenge number 2

Challenge two is upon me! Complete the cube in under 20 minutes whilst distracted.... well i must say from the start of the Rubik's challenge i have constantly been distracted what with this kids, the husband, the house work, the swimming and cubs runs I've really struggled to find quiet Rubik's time. Maybe i should hide in the bathroom??? 
oh wait people still find me in there! 

I did in fact complete the cube but with instructions and having a look at YouTube videos so i thought i would try and memorize the sequences to do it again whilst....

yep you guessed it watching the soaps! 

A girl cant miss her soaps but i was also trying to solve the cube using the algorhythm. 
It didn't fair well to be honest and i did end up having to resort to instructions! 
I shall keep at it but i am finding it hard with out relaying on instructions! :(
Till the next challenge!
Mel x

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