Sunday, 29 December 2013

Silent Sunday 29-12-2013

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat Large Festive Wreath Review

I have been asked to review a festive chocolaty treat for Hotel Chocolat, from this years Christmas range. It would be more than rude not to seen as though i'm a lover of all things festive and of course my first love is defiantly chocolate. 
We browsed the website and decided we would love to experience Hotel Chocolat's Festive Wreath. 
Delivery was super fast and our large festive wreath arrived in perfect condition.

Here's what Hotel Chocolat have to say...

"Inspired by one of the absolute classic flavour combinations of mellow 50% cocoa milk chocolate working in perfect harmony with nibbly cookies and hand cut florentines that beautifully balance the sweetness of the chocolate. Perfect for slicing and sharing with family and friends."

This wreath is not for the faint hearted, and is certainly a chocolate lovers dream! 450g of delicious coco milk chocolate infused with crunchy biscuit pieces and chewy caramel.

This festive wreath would certainly make a great alternative to a standard box of chocolates and has a great wow factor, its original yet perfect for sharing or as an unusual buffet center piece over the festive season.

 This Festive wreath retails at £21.00 and if ordered before 6pm is available for next day delivery.

**Disclaimer- I received this festive wreath from hotel chocolat for an open and honest opinion. all thoughts, pictures are my own**

Friday, 13 December 2013

Bugaboo Henley

As most of you know yes I am a pushchair addict and one of my favorite brands is of course the amazing Dutch brand Bugaboo.
I wont bore you with what I'm using at the moment or had but instead i'm going to introduce you to the future, what bugaboo has in store for us all in 2014!

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Henley.

"Henley is named after the home of Bugaboo’s UK Head Office and is exclusive to Great Britain. Dressed in dark grey canvas with a dark blue micro fleece on the inside, a shiny grey adonised chassis and leather look hand-stitched handlebar and carry handle, The Cameleon3 Henley epitomises the style, history and charm of the great British countryside."

The iconic Bugaboo Cameleon has had a make over and if i'm brutally honest i'm loving the shiny grey anodized chassis and the herringbone hood.
It boasts a beautiful dark navy quilted seat liner and the leather look handle bar and carry handle. This in my honest opinion really sets this Cameleon3 out from the crowd! 
This chassis looks simply beautiful and the leatherette compliments it so well!!! (Im i love!)

The Henley will be available exclusively in Harrods now, and in selected retailers nationwide from 1st January 2014,  Henley has a recommended retail price of £929

*Disclaimer i haven't been paid of received any products in return, i simply love this brand and wanted to share the press release*

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Family Breaks Help Make Families Closer.

Its soon going to be 2014 and as we start to get speedily closer to Christmas my thoughts are once again of Summer, holidays and some quality family time.
Since having children we have found it every increasingly difficult to get away as a family, although I often did this when I was younger i would love to get away for a break with the kids and possibly even take my mother along, (grandma!)
I haven't told the husband yet and i'm not sure what he would think of the idea of dragging his mother in law on holiday, but i'm starting to think this would be great.
I could even get her on chief babysitting duties so me and hubby could have a night out.... *this NEVER happens anymore.
My mother lives in York so we don't often have the chance or opportunity to spend some quality family time together, yes we often drive over and visit but I know the benefits of going away together would be great for both her and my children!

I have been looking at UK family breaks from Butlins and I must admit there is a lot more going on at Butlins than i ever imagined, with over 50 free activities and entertainment i'm sure there would be plenty for us all to do, that's if i could drag the kids out of the swimming pool!
Splash water world would be number one on the kids list of things to do, with the fairground, the live shows, the family activities and the sports coaching i'm sure the kids would be in their element, and hopefully burn off some excess energy.

Traveling down the coast from Scarborough to Skegness would be prefect, its not to far for the little ones but far enough for a break. I'm almost certain i would hear the words "Are we there yet?" at some point!

The accommodation is certainly impressive, the New England style gold apartments are super modern looking, they have three bedrooms and sleep up to 6. All have the added benefits of early check in (perfect with little ones) daily house keeping, kitchen complete with dishwasher and microwave, bed linen and towels provided.
To me this is fantastic as i would like to relax and having a dishwasher and having someone come in every day means that i don't have to be constant cleaner and i can also have some time off to enjoy with my family. Even super mums need a break!

I think I need to have a chat with the hubby as I have never experienced Butlins first hand myself, I have friends who are seasoned regulars and love it so much they book the next visit as soon as they have come back from there current one.

If my mothers on her best behavior and leaves her 80's dance moves at home I may even bring her along, we would be making memories and bring our family even closer!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Santa's Steam Adventures - York Railway

Last week me, him and the minis headed to York's National Railway Museum for a very special adventure.
Now i'm sure your probably aware that the man in the big red suit is due to visit soon and of course this means we best go and see him and tell him what we would like for Christmas.

York's Railway Museum's station hall has been transformed in preparation of the big day, letters and presents everywhere!

 Everything looked so magical, lights presents and cards everywhere, the kids couldn't wait to go have a a closer look.

A view of  station hall

 Alex found a friend in and among the presents.

 The Children walked further up the hall, Presents, cards and letters everywhere!

Soon we found a sleigh and a reindeer, beautifully lit up and of course this then called for a photo.


We carried on walking past more and more presents, letters and cards

We then had a very important job to do, a special kind of helping job for the big man himself.

All the letters that were laying around, we had to help to sort them, the red envelopes went in the post box to go Airmail and the white letters were loaded into a bag to take direct to Santa via the steam train ride!

We hopped aboard the steam train "Teddy" and our little journey began, snuggled in blankets singing single bells with our very own little bells to shake. 

As if by magic and the power of the steam train, Santa appeared :) 

 Valentino was the first to visit Santa and he of course told him what he would like for Christmas.

 Then Lorenzo went to have a little chat with Santa, he also put his request in and Santa jingled some bells over Lorenzo and he made a wish!

 Alex was up next and she was a little overwhelmed and didn't really know what to think, well she is only 19 months so i will let her off.... no doubt next year will be very different!

Teddy the steam train then headed back to the station where we then went back inside and headed for the dining car restaurant where we had our complementary drinks and mince pies and the kids had some juice and a biscuit.

We all had a great afternoon and the atmosphere was excellent, the staff at the museum were brilliant with the children and were really enthusiastic and definitely made the day so enjoyable.

Santa's Steam Adventure runs from 29th November - 24th December 2013
Prices are as follows
Children - £11.50
Adults - £7.50
Under 1's - £3.00
Please note - Increases charges may apply on the Christmas Eve please visit for more information

*We were given the opportunity to visit NRM Santa's Steam Adventures in exchange for a honest review.*

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Contact lenses and Children

I wrote this review while participating in an influencer campaign by Mumsnet on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Now when I was asked to take part in this campaign my initial thought on children wearing contact lenses was of that I didn't really think it would be possible. 
For some bizarre reason I had in my head that that maybe children had to be of certain age to be a contact lenses wearer. 
I started to think of the possibilities as both me and my eldest son Tino who is 8 years old wear glasses every day. I occasionally wear contact lenses my self particularly if I'm going on a night out or even if I just simply fancy a change. 

My son Valentino takes part in extra curricular sport twice a week and also does lots of outdoor activities as a Cub Scout, I thought about him and wearing contact lenses as I felt it may benefit him to try them out one day.
I then started to research children and contact lenses and found that children as young as 8 are capable of wearing and caring for contact lenses.

Below are survey findings of the benefits of contact lenses in sport.

"The majority of parents surveyed (70%) agree that correcting their child’s vision problems can help with sports performance. Three in ten (30%) parents believe their child is restricted from playing sport or performing in sport to the best of his/her ability when wearing glasses, with parents of boys (39%) slightly more likely than parents of girls (34%) to agree. Three quarters (76%) of parents agree that contact lenses are a better choice for physical activities such as sports.
A majority (56%) of parents agree that children who wear contact lenses feel better about participating in physical activities than children who wear glasses. This compares with 86 percent of children who say that they feel better about their ability to participate in sport when wearing contact lenses vs. glasses. " 

I have since spoken to my son Valentino about the possibility of him trying contact lenses in the future and he seemed really keen.
He has seen me putting mine in and caring for them, I have also explained that my main concern of him wearing them is that I need to make sure that he is capable of caring for them and of course safely wearing them and removing them. 

I feel Tino even though he is only eight he is fairly mature and when he is due for his next eye test in six months I will ask our optician about lenses for him and if his eyes would be suitable. 

Valentino is keen to give contact lenses a whirl as he feels that they will really benefit him with his swimming and other sports. 
To find out more about about the resent survey and findings or to locate an Eye Care Professional in your area, visit the “Find an Optician” tab at  

Id love to know what your thoughts and opinions are and also if you have had a child that has worn contact lenses and how you found it?
Please drop me a comment below id love to hear from you.

Mel x


Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat Group 1,2,3 Review

I've recently been looking at updating Alexandra's Car Seat as her current one has started to look shabby and i fancied something a little more "grown up" for her.
Now in Scarborough we don't really have much choice in of stockists of car seats and to be honest the one retailer that has them has a pretty poor selection.
I decided to look on Argos online, we have two stores here but i often forget about them, I set my eyes on the Cosatto Zoomi Group 1,2,3 Car seat RRP £100 although its currently on sale at £90.99 excellent value for a car seat that will last a good few years.

I ordered online and home delivery would take up to 14 days so to my surprise i was please to receive it after only three days wait! 

I unboxed the Zoomi and assembled it and Alex was keen to jump in and try it out! 

Now what drew me to the Hello Dolly Cosatto Zoomi over other car seats is that it can be used from 9 months to 11 years old, the back is removable so it can be used as just a booster for an older child, it has a 5 point harness (great for escape artists!) but it can also be used with the seat belt again for an older child.
It has an adjustable head rest, lovely well padded seat liner and chest pads, also all the fabrics and seat liner can be thrown into the wash if needed.
All this for £100 and as with all Cosatto products it comes with a great 4 year guarantee. (Excellent for added piece of mind!)

I so far am loving the seat and Alex seems to enjoy it also, one feature that does let it down is that it doesn't have any recline so if little miss does nod off i found that her head falls forward,
Apart from that we love it and the Russian inspired dolly pattern is simply adorable. I do also love the boys Zoomi in pattern "little Monster" as seen below.
Thanks for reading
Mel x