Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Contact lenses and Children

I wrote this review while participating in an influencer campaign by Mumsnet on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Now when I was asked to take part in this campaign my initial thought on children wearing contact lenses was of that I didn't really think it would be possible. 
For some bizarre reason I had in my head that that maybe children had to be of certain age to be a contact lenses wearer. 
I started to think of the possibilities as both me and my eldest son Tino who is 8 years old wear glasses every day. I occasionally wear contact lenses my self particularly if I'm going on a night out or even if I just simply fancy a change. 

My son Valentino takes part in extra curricular sport twice a week and also does lots of outdoor activities as a Cub Scout, I thought about him and wearing contact lenses as I felt it may benefit him to try them out one day.
I then started to research children and contact lenses and found that children as young as 8 are capable of wearing and caring for contact lenses.

Below are survey findings of the benefits of contact lenses in sport.

"The majority of parents surveyed (70%) agree that correcting their child’s vision problems can help with sports performance. Three in ten (30%) parents believe their child is restricted from playing sport or performing in sport to the best of his/her ability when wearing glasses, with parents of boys (39%) slightly more likely than parents of girls (34%) to agree. Three quarters (76%) of parents agree that contact lenses are a better choice for physical activities such as sports.
A majority (56%) of parents agree that children who wear contact lenses feel better about participating in physical activities than children who wear glasses. This compares with 86 percent of children who say that they feel better about their ability to participate in sport when wearing contact lenses vs. glasses. " 

I have since spoken to my son Valentino about the possibility of him trying contact lenses in the future and he seemed really keen.
He has seen me putting mine in and caring for them, I have also explained that my main concern of him wearing them is that I need to make sure that he is capable of caring for them and of course safely wearing them and removing them. 

I feel Tino even though he is only eight he is fairly mature and when he is due for his next eye test in six months I will ask our optician about lenses for him and if his eyes would be suitable. 

Valentino is keen to give contact lenses a whirl as he feels that they will really benefit him with his swimming and other sports. 
To find out more about about the resent survey and findings or to locate an Eye Care Professional in your area, visit the “Find an Optician” tab at www.acuvue.co.uk  

Id love to know what your thoughts and opinions are and also if you have had a child that has worn contact lenses and how you found it?
Please drop me a comment below id love to hear from you.

Mel x


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