Monday, 6 January 2014

Winter Warmers and Family Favorites

We have had a pretty chilly Christmas but i fear its going to get worse and no doubt in January/February we may even get some of the white stuff!
To keep that chill at bay i have  reading about other winter warming ideas on blogs and finding some great recipes and top tips out there on the web! This has given me some fantastic ideas to try out for myself and of course with the little ones!
In the mean time I've decided to let you in to what we love as a family to keep us warm during these winter months.

Tea and Herbal Tea.
Me and the hubby love a good cup of tea and if were feeling adventurous the odd cup of coffee goes down well usually on a Sunday morning with a cooked breakfast. I do love my filter coffee machine although it doesn't get used very often.
Herbal tea is great and my personal favorites are Chamomile & honey and peppermint tea, i find them both really relaxing and are especially good for before bed as they are caffeine free.

Hot Chocolate.
This must be one of the most popular all time family favorites, as an extra special treat just add squirty cream and marshmallows!  My children love it and there is no better way to wind down.
If your feeling adventurous then have a look at Jamie Oliver's homemade cinnamon spiked hot chocolate recipe.
This is how we like ours....

Vin Chaud/Gl├╝hwein aka Mulled Wine.
Ok this one is only for the adults, i'm ashamed to say i only discovered my love for mulled wine a few years back! Why it has taken me so long i don't know, i can only imagine that its because i'm not over keen on Red wine and that has simply put me off.
I have been stocking up on Morrisons Winter Warmer Mulled Wine as its often hard to source when its not Christmas.

Fear not my lovelies i have also discovered if you cant get your mits on the ready to drink Mulled Wine that Schwartz have Mulled Wine Spice sachets, these are like tea bags that you can simply add to a 75cl bottle of red wine with 200ml water 4 tbs brown sugar and 2 Schwartz sachets.

If your feeling in the mood for a tipple then you must try an added shot of Amaretto or Jagermeister to mulled wine! I can certainly vouch that it tastes amazing and gives the wine a lovely warm fiery kick.

Do you have some family gems or winter warmer recipes that you would love to share? I would love to hear about them. Check out my Pinterest Board for some more ideas.
Mel x
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