Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jelly Bears Vitamins - Review

We have been chosen by Mumsnet Bloggers network to try and review a new range of children's vitamins Jelly Bears that are suitable for vegetarians and children aged 3 years and older.

This New range has been developed for children and provide essential nutrients that help promote health and development in early years.
With two very active boys in my house aged five and eight they were super keen to try them out. 

The packaging is extremely striking its bright, colourful and has a very child friendly feel, each bottle of vitamins comes in a teddy shaped pot that can be reused once empty.

The vitamins themselves look like little jelly bears, they are suitable for vegetarians as they are gelatin, gluten and wheat free.
So what did they taste like?
Well surprisingly they tasted really good! Gone are the days of the chalk like vitamin balls that my mother gave me as a child. My sons both agreed that they tasted like a sweet yet they said they felt they were juicier and had more flavour thank standard jelly sweets. They certainly had no issues in taking them.
Both boys have decided that they are going to use the empty pots for LEGO men and pieces so that they can keep them safe. 

Jelly Bears got a huge thumbs up from Tino and Enzo and if i forget to give them on a morning i am now quickly reminded! 

Jelly Bears come in the following flavours and each pot contains 50 bears 
Summer Berry flavour Multivitamins,
Orange flavour Zinc and Multivitamins,
Orange flavour Omega 3. 
They are available to buy at selected Holland & Barratt stores RRP £6.99 

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