Sunday, 22 June 2014

Silent Sunday 22/06/2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The boy and the Bead.

So last week I picked my darling children up from school as normal, only to be in the car five minutes down the road for Lorenzo to inform me that he has something in his ear!
At first i was slightly confused...!?
I was driving, he was in the back of the car saying there's something in his ear... I asked him if he had tried to get it out? He replied yes i stuck a pencil in there...
Great I thought!
No letter from school, nothing mentioned when i collected him.
Car stopped, I decided to have a look and see if anything was in there.
Sure enough i could see something black...

Off to the hospital we went.
Lorenzo didn't seem phased by the fact he had something in his ear, so we checked in to A&E and waited only a short time.

They looked... Sure enough there was in fat something in his ear! 
They asked both me and Enzo what it was... Enzo's reply was it was something black i found on the table at school.... me personally, i had absolutely no idea!
They tried in A&E to remove this foreign object from his ear, but to no avail.. they told me that it was right next the his ear drum. (great i thought)
No joy... they couldn't get it.

We left A&E with object still in his ear to be told to come back and see the ENT doctor.
That appointment soon came after the weekend and in the mean time he was fine in himself.
I started to wonder that in fact did he still have something in there? It didn't seem to be bothering him he seemed pretty vague on what it was as to if it was still there.

Sure enough that appointment confirmed that yes he did have something still in his ear, it looked like a bead and the ENT doctor tried to remove it with both suction and various instruments, but unfortunately it didn't work. 
We were then told the only option was to remove it under general anesthetic at a near by hospital. 
Off we went... 
Lorenzo was Nil by mouth since the following day and he arrived on the children's ward to have some magic cream that they apply to his hands for his GA.

Soon he went down to theater to be put to sleep. It seemed like forever that he was down there but after just over an hour he was back on the ward.

He was pretty groggy when I went to meet him in recovery, but soon enough we were back on the ward and he was itching to get back on the iPad and play plants vz zombies! 

It was soon lunch time and he was ready for some food, he woolfed his lunch down, faster than I have ever seen him eat his tea... ever!!!

Unfortunately they didn't let us have the object back but they did confirm that it was in fact a small black bead. There was also no damage to his ears and they even checked the other ear for me whilst he was asleep....  just in case it had any hidden treasures in.

Lorenzo has since promised me that he wont put anything in his ears or even up his nose....
Ever again!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Rodgers of York - The home of fine furnishings in York

Rodgers of York boast a generous 50,000 sq ft showroom at Monks Cross retail park.
The family owned and run Rodgers, pride themselves on being home furniture specialists with an ethos that has always been on value for money and their ‘Best Price Guaranteed’. 

Rodgers have a vast array for furniture from bedroom and dining furniture to carpets, curtain and soft furnishings for the home.

Bentley Hampstead

Frank Hudson Oxford

The showroom is beautifully displayed and set out so you can really get a feel for the furniture and how it can work for you in your own home. The selection of styles vary so there is certainly something to suit all tastes from traditional to modern. 

One thing that i wasn't aware of is that Rodgers do in fact sell more than just furniture, they have an extensive range of flooring's from carpets and rugs to Distinctive vinyl, laminate & wood.

Rodgers of York pride themselves on having a 

                                             "comprehensive choice of woven or tufted carpets from some of the best names in the industry including; Abingdon Flooring, Axminster Carpets, Cavalier Carpets, Cormar Carpets, Crucial Trading, Lano, Telenzo, Ulster Carpets and Westex Carpets."

Estimating and fitting is available by their expertly trained in house team and they will as always beat any like for like written quotation on all fitted carpets.

The website gives you a fantastic insight on what Rodgers of York have to offer so i would say it's defiantly worth a visit especially if your looking at purchasing any of the following:-

Bedroom furniture
Dining furniture
Leather sofas
Leather armchairs

Oak furniture
Fabric sofas
Fabric armchairs
Sofa beds

Why not take advantage of the summer sale with upto 40% off?

Simply Visit Rodgers website and download this voucher to claim and extra £10 off the price for every £200 spend. 

Rodgers of York
Monks Cross,
York YO32 9JR.
Tel: 01904 610570

Opening Times:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 8pm,
Sunday & Bank Holidays 10.30am - 4.30pm

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Little Grippers Socks - Review

So with the weather slowly improving its time for me to dig the boys school shorts out, one thing that has always bugged me is school socks!
If said school socks don't magically vanish in the wash (the divorce rate in socks in my house is high) they can often be a missed matched pair with dodgy elastic that simple look scruffy and fall down.

I stumbled across Little Grippers last year and had a pair for Alex that are still going strong now.
Little grippers are no ordinary socks, as if by magic they stay on, stay pulled up, so perfect for little people especially babies who's favorite game is to remove shoes and socks and throw them about.... sound familiar?

So how do they work??
Ok... its not magic but in fact little grippers have developed the range by simply applying a very thin layer of natural silicon directly to the inside of the cuff of the socks, The silicon is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and is breathable to help prevent any irritation on babies/ children's skin.
This "Stay on technology" is long lasting and renews itself with every wash, is machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Little Gripper school socks.

Little Grippers range of school socks start from £4.00 and are available in shoe sizes from infant 8.5 to adult size 10.

So what did we think of them?
Well for starters they stayed pulled up so no little Dennis the Menace's running around my house.
They washed really well and the stay on technology continued to work.
The boys said they felt really comfortable to wear and stayed up throughout the day at school.
The sizing is very generous so i would possibly in future order a size down, but the overall quality feel and durability is money well spent.
Both Lorenzo and Valentino gave little grippers a huge thumbs up.

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*Disclaimer- we received some samples for an open and honest review, all thoughts opinions and pictures are my own.*