Monday, 20 October 2014

Keep germ free this new school year.

With the new term well and truly back in full swing, no doubt the dreaded lurgy, colds and lice are doing the rounds. 

Our top tips to keep germ free and happy are,

1. Washing hands... It stands to reason but washing hands after the toilet are a must, but also washing hands before eating are a great way to prevent unwanted nasty's getting into our system. 

2. Using tissues. Using tissues and disposing of them for runny noses.

3. Anti bacterial hand gel or foam. This is a great way to give your hands a quick once over if you are unable to wash them. 

Here is what Valentino has to stay about staying healthy.....

"Remember to eat a varied diet with plenty of vegetables and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated."

Lorenzo's top tip for keeping Germs at bay is......

"Make sure you wash your hands, and get clean in the bath."

This post is part of a going back to school project with Boots.
All thoughts and opinions are our own - we received a back to school survival kit for our participation.

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