Wednesday, 1 October 2014

LumiPotti a truly bright Idea.

During the summer we received a LumiPotti to try and help aid our daughter Alexandra into becoming a nappy free toddler. 
LumiPotti was invented by small ideas Ltd back in 2011 by two British mumpreneurs, Rachel and Kerry. 
Kerry and Rachel had both successfully potty trained their children and although they found an overwhelming amount of advice they felt the products already on the market had something missing.
LumiPotti was born with the idea of giving parents and carers a single potty that aided and ticked more boxes than other potties
LumiPotti is unique in the fact that it is a potty with a built in light, perfect for night time toilet trips and once the child is using the regular toilet the light can be removed and used as a light for that daunting trip across the landing to the bathroom. 

LumiPotti comes in a choice of two colours, green and vanilla with an RRP of £23.00 It is made with Anti-Microbial plastic

The removable night light requires 3AA batteries (not included) is movement activated, portable and has a feature that the light fades out rather than just turning straight off. 

Alexandra found the LumiPotti really comfortable and would happily sit for a few minutes before being up and about. 

Although we are nowhere near night time toilet trips just yet i wanted to show how bright the movement night light is. If no movement is detected within 60 seconds the light will then begin to fade to off. I personally love the fade out feature and feel this is so much better than a light that just may suddenly switch off.

Overall we love the LumiPotti, it looks great and has a fantastic innovative light feature. 
I would love to see a wider range of colours available,  an off switch for the light as i have found that the batteries tend to drain fairly quickly with frequent use, or possibly a rechargeable light unit in the future? 
We may not yet have a nappy free toddler as yet but as with all things it just takes time and practise.

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*Disclaimer- we received a LumiPotti for an open and honest review, all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.*

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