Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My little fish - Club Championships 2014

So last week my eldest little fish took to the water at his swimming clubs championships.
The races were split over three nights, he took part in Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Freestyle and a distance race.
Butterfly is a stroke that he wasn't overly confident on but he took us all, including himself by surprise!
He only came Blooming first!!!

This is him after he was presented with his award and I think you will agree that he was over the moon with himself.

His second race that evening was Breaststroke, not an overly fast stroke for him but he does pretty well. He didn't get off to a good start, his goggles came off when he dived in and you could tell that he just panicked. He still carried on and tried not to let it bother him and he finished the race in sixth place out of nine.

The next on his list was his distance race 100m Freestyle a few days later, this again ended up with another goggle malfunction when he dived in and after 50m he had to stop to get his goggles back on resulting in him finishing the race fourth out of ten.

The following week we had the final two races, he was ready to go with goggles firmly attached to his face! 

First race was Backstroke, one of my favorites when i was younger. He did amazing in this race, so amazing that he didn't stop and bashed his head on the side of the pool..... Ouch! He was a little shook up and he said his head was really hurting. but he landed at the top of the podium with another first! 

He's not as happy as he was in the first picture but with a nice bump on the head giving mummy his cheesy grin was probably the last thing on his mind! 
Last and final race was Freestyle, his dive was good but he just didn't have to momentum and some of the other swimmers were really fast. He came in fifth out of ten swimmers so was happy with that. 

This years club championships went really well for Tino, he now knows what he needs to work on and if things go wrong. He has improved lots since last year but he needs to just stay calm and try not to panic. 
I'm happy that he loves swimming and the effort and time training that he puts into it. 
Keep up the good work little fishy! 
Love you lots xxx

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