Thursday, 13 November 2014

What can busy mummies do to relax?

So when the kiddies are tucked up in bed the nights getting dark and colder, you've watched all the soaps what else can us mummies do? 
Well apart from house work... lets be honest we love NEED a break from it no matter how small. I've put a list of a few things that can help keep us busy mummies calm, relaxed and stress free.

  • I often find myself loosing a few hours on Pinterest, I've only recently starting using it, creating boards jam packed with great ideas of crafts I can do with the children, an Elf on the shelf board, decoration ideas... The boards are endless. Its great for some inspiration and extra awesomeness that every mum needs from time to time! 
  • Comping, this is fun and more importantly great especially at this time of year. Lots of bloggers, brands and companies seem to run some fantastic competitions during the run up to Christmas. Some useful sites to get you up and off the ground for finding competitions are LoquaxTheprizefinder and Twitter and Facebook are also useful for finding competitions try using the hash tag #Win and #Competition to bring more up. 
  • If your feeling extra lucky then there are always online casino's. have a great mobile app perfect for the odd a little flutter. Games range from casino games to one us women all seem to enjoy... Bingo! Its simple, easy to use and perfect for snuggling up with the iPad Bringing Vegas into your living room any time you want. 
  • This is one my husband isn't very keen on.... Online shopping, I must admit i'm more of a browser but I do like a good bargain... who in their right mind doesn't? Coming up to Christmas I love looking around for offers and bargains, I keep an eye on things my children are hankering after on Amazon and another great website is Hotukdeals. Just remember its only a bargain if you actually need it :) 
  • Lastly why not just curl up with a good DVD and a bottle of wine? Take time to relax you are totally worth it and need it from time to time... The house work can Will wait till tomorrow! 

Mel x

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