Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tour De Yorkshire

I love this picture as it has Scarborough castle in.

So a few weeks ago the Tour de Yorkshire was in my home town and came through my village. Stage 1 started in Bridlington and finished 174 km later in Scarborough.
Im not huge bike fan, in fact I don't even own a bike myself but for me watching the riders steam though my village it's a little hard not to get excited!
The kids were excited to come out and watch and my older children that are at school could leave early to go and watch the race.
So I'm not going to talk about the race but simply share some of the shots i got of the day. Blink and you would miss them as they were traveling that fast so I'm afraid it was a hold your camera smartphone and hope for the best!

Kids getting ready to cheer the riders on.

Waiting for them to come past.

They are here! Blink and you'd miss them.

 Close to the finish line North Marine Road Scarborough

Post race police had finished their duties.

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